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From Bike to Tank


Ok, I am keeping this log in order to get my motivation up and advices etc…

Current situation :
Height : 5’9
Weight : 155 to 160 pds
Body fat: approx 18%
Age : 25

Past :
Was 105 pds at 19, totally skinny even when eating like a rhino… used to play basketball, biking, tennis, athletism.

Physical aptitude : strength is low, endurance and effort / motivation are my main advantages.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE : thicken up. I wanna go to 210 pds before EOF 2012.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE : strength and athletic perf. I wanna be able to run fast too.

Training history :

  • I gained my 50 pounds in 3 or 4 years of non consistant training. First only dumbbell work at home, nearly no lower body work. Then training on 3 / 4 months periods at a gym, with creatine / whey, etc…

Motivation ? I wanna be a tank. Seriously. A fucking Abrams. I feel better and better when I weigh more.

DIET : read article on “skinny fat” or “skinny guy diet”. For the first two months I am gonna be eating whatever I can eat, mostly healthy. I know I need loads of carbs because I am very active person, even working at office, I often run on stairs, and works on emergency. I walk like 20 min a day too.

I read an article and will do a thing advised, like taking a day eating for 1 hour until death… on sundays.

Ok so, that’s it.

Fuck no. Where’s the training ?

Hesitated long time for workout. Going to go for full body workout 3 times a week, 6 exercises, early in the morning :

Exercises list :


  • Bench Press (& all variations), Squat, Deadlift, Military Press, Pull-ups (assisted, first), Pull-downs


  • Biceps curl, french press, calves, shoulder raise, leg curl, leg extension, etc…

Every workout I am going to go for 4 compound exercises + 2 isolation, with 3 lower body exercises at least…

I will mix my choices.

Rep range :
W1 (monday) : 3x8 - 60 sec rest
W2 (wednesday) : 3x6 - 90 sec rest
W3 (friday) : 3x15 - 30 sec rest

Starting monday

This is for 2 months

I will log here, and put on pictures as soon as I get my camera back.