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From average to inhuman


This was my second attempt in 2011 of trying to get back on track and find some sort of consistency in this twisted life of mine.



4 eggs, 2 wholemeal toast, 3 fish oil, coffee w/milk and 2 sweeteners
250g chicken breast, 3/4 cup of white rice
1 apple
1 plum
50g cashews
egg and lettce sandwich
whey shake (P30) w/water + 1 tbsp of coffee
whey shake (P45) w/whole milk + 1 tbsp of natural PB
sausage curry, 3/4 cup of white rice
400mls milk

Incline Bench 10xbar 6x40 40 60 70 5x80
DB Laterals 6x5 8 10 12.5
Rear Delt Flyes 6x6 8 8x10 12.5 *some hitching
Machine Flyes 12xn6 n7 n8
Shrugs (front) 15x40 40 *kept hitting my cock haha
Shrugs (back) 15x40 40
BTN Press 20xbar 16xbar *shoulders were fried.


2 wholewheat toast w/ natty PB
Whey shake w/water, 3 fish oil
Whey shake w/milk, 1 tbsp peanut butter
6 eggs, onion, tomato
1 apple
Handful of cashews
Whey shake (P30) w/ water
Half chicken
Chicken snitzels, salad, potato salad
Yoghurt w/mango+milk

Hammer curls 6x10 15 20 8x25
DB preacher curls 10x10 12.5 15
EZbar curls 12x20 25 30 15x35
Tri Pulldowns 12xn3 n4 n5 n6 n7
Smith CGBP 6x60 70 80 5x90
OH EZbar Ext 10x20 8x25 *wrist giving me troubles
OH Rope Ext 10xn3 n4 dropset - n4 n3 n2

Decent workout except my wrist was giving me some troubles.



I never realized how hard it was to prepare some food and bring it with you. Its only been two days, and being unorganized makes it quite hard to eat healthy and in excess.

Some things I need to get in order to make this a bit more successful:
- get a big cooler - maybe those new cool giant coolers they had at the olympia expo, i forget the name.
- some big plastic and glass containers to keep food, most likely glass for storage/home use and plastic for taking away
- smaller containers for nuts, tablets(multi-v, fish oil) etc.
- a few metal drink bottles with wide mouth/some sort of funnel to funnel my protein powder into them - maybe some smart shakes or the other brand, the shaker pro 40 (see vid)
- a giant sports bag

Things I need to do:
- prepare my meals 3 days in advance
- shopping twice a week.



Accidently missed my first tutorial, and if we miss one, we have to write a 1000 word essay on the class and hand it in the next week. Fck that! I checked on the next class and made it up there. I was running late, so all i had was a bacon and egg muffin.
After class, and before my next one I grabbed:
- water
- egg and lettuce sandwich
- ham and salad sandwich
Finished class, went past chicken treat and got a hot chicken roll w/ bacon and cheese.
Went and got some supps:
- waxy maise
- creatine monohydrate
- 2 shaker bottles
But forgot to get some BCAAs, oh well, next time.
I just had a coffee w/ sweetener and have a whey shake w/30g of WMS ready and waiting.
Gym now, more later...


Ive never had a 'hamstring' session, nor think id feel ill after performing one. It was a goooooood session. I really liked it, besides trying to hold my food down :slightly_smiling:

Hamstrings + soleus:
Lying leg curls 12xn2 n3 n4 n5 n6 8xn7
*a lot of sets, but i had to test how heavy the weights on the stack were, so just kept going up :slightly_smiling:
SLDL 12x40 10x60 8x70 6x80
*hard, but my flexibility still needs to improve
Seated hamstring curls 12xn4 n5 8xn6+some partials, then n6xsomexsome
Wide/high-stance leg press 20x80 100 120 - this is where i felt sick, its only 3p a side, but at the end of the workout and 20 reps, i know how people feel with widow-maker sets.... sort of :wink:

Good workout overall. Chest/tris 2moro.

Gf's parents bought pizza for dinner so "CHEAT MEAL" haha.
4 slices of hawaiian pizza, some garlic bread, a glass of coke.
Whey shake w/milk, creatine.
Piece of chicken, some milk.


Didnt realise I had one of my classes today so I couldnt make it to the gym.

Had 300g chicken, protein shake.
Coffee w/ sweetener and milk.
500mls milk coffee, steak sandwich.
5 pieces of sushi.
Some wedges and 2 spring rolls.
A steak sandwich.
500mls of hi-lo milk.
2 glass of red wine.
A pint of beer.
Some potato chips.
50g peanuts.
Diet coke.

Pretty shit diet today. Some good, some bad. Oh well, get better 2moro.


what does the caffeine in your protein shake do? is it for taste or does it have a purpose


its the first week of uni this week - so early starts, long days - therefore ive been needing something extra to get me going. i dont have a nitric oxide supp or any other stimulant so i just have either a sugar-free red bull, or 2 tspn of coffee in my shake. grab some hot water, add coffee, make a syrup and wack it in my shake. tastes like a mocha shake.


ok now i understand


I was pretty buggered from the week's uni, and early starts (for me, haha), so slept in till about 11am.
Woke and had 3 eggs (ran out), 2 toast, coffee w/sweeteners.
Went shopping, grabbed 3 rolls of sushi before the gym.
GYM - 60g whey, 60g WMS.

Bench Press 12xbar 6x60 70 80 90 2(1)x100 (1)x110
Incline DB 8x25 6x30 3(1)x35 1(1)x40
Machine Flyes 12xn5 n7 n9 10xn11
Machine Press 20xn4 20xn5
OH Rope Extensions 12xn4 10xn4+3 12xn5
* brackets() indicate help.

Post-WO - 30g whey, 30g WMS *had a lot because I woke up late, so needed the calories.
Just had 500mls whole milk.
Pasta w/beef Stroganof
500mls milk.
500mls milk.


Off day today.
I have a wedding all day.


Weight: 89.5kgs (+0.7kgs)

Lat Pull-down 12xn4 10xn5 8xn6 8xn7
DB Rows 12x22.5 12x27.5 6x32.5 8x32.5
PL Machine Pull-down 12x40 10x60 10x70 8x70
PL Machine Rows 12x20 12x40 8(4)x60
PL Shrugs 12x40 60 80 100
DB Curls 12x12.5 6x15 6x17.5

Coffee w/milk/sweetener
60g whey, 60g WMS
30g whey, 30g WMS
Chicken and rice
Chicken and rice
30g whey, 300ml milk, 1tbsp PB
2 wholegrain toast w/peanut butter
50g cashews


Off day - public holiday, gym was open for 4 hrs, but I had uni.

3 eggs, 2 toast, coffee w/ 2 sugars
chicken and rice, 1 pint of full strength beer :wink:
2 wholegrain bread, peanut butter, banana, 25g cashews
30g whey w/water
chicken and rice, 250mls hi-lo milk
lamb stew w/mash potatoes+broccoli, 2 glasses of solo, coffee w/sweetener
cashews, milk
more milk.


Warm-up on leg press
Front squat 5x40 60 60 3x70 70 *i have a problem with my shoulder so we'll see whether this stays. Felt awkward.
Close-stance leg press 10x80 12x120 10x160 10x200
Leg extensions 12xn4 n5 n5.2 n6 n6.2 8xn7 4xn7
Machine leg press 20xn4 n6 n8 n10

Ugh. May not look like much, but I could hardly walk at the end. Especially after the 20 rep leg press. I skipped calves.
I know, I know. Suck it up. But to give you an indication of how dead i was - i put my water bottle on top of my car, got in, started it, put in reverse and released the handbrake, then realised i left my water bottle on the roof - i then preceded to get out of the car without putting it in park. Was on a hill, so took a few metres before i realised and slammed the hand brake on. Scary. Hahaha.

Woke late, so gym this arvo not in the morning as planned.
Chicken and rice, sugar-free red bull
Banana, chicken and rice
30g whey, 30g WMS
Lasagne and salad
30g whey w/milk


[Random thoughts]
I start week 2 of my program 2moro. Beginning with shoulders again.

Obviously I realize you need to move weight in order to get bigger, but I think when I perform the exercise I'm not focusing on the target muscle, rather just, "moving the weight". I'm going to try a few things and try and take my ego out of the equation, start with a specific rep range for each exercise and do that for 10-12 weeks before it changes. Exercise selection will also stay the same unless I cant do it for some reason.

So for 2moro, shoulders will be as follows.
*brackets is rep range

Shoulder Press (6)
DB Lateral Raises (6)
Rear Delt Flyes (6)
Machine Laterals (12)
Rear Delt Machine (12)
BTN Press on Smith (20)

Something like that will be standard. Maybe doing some upright rows or shrugs as well.


One squat rack? Really? Ugh. Couldnt start the workout with normal presses so my workout went as follows:

Seated SM Press 10x35 5x45 55 65 2x75
DB Lateral Raises 6x6 8 10 12.5
Rear Delt Flyes 6x6 8 10 8x12.5
Machine Laterals somexsome
Rear Delt Machine somexsome - ended up doing 30 reps on my last set, fuck that hurt!

Followed with..
Lateral raises w/16kg DB's x some
Incline DB Raises w/16kg DB's x some
Machine Shoulder Press 15xsome

Decent workout, not many weights used could be recorded as the stacks differed to my normal gym, plus tried just smashing the reps, ala John Meadows.


Diet so far today:
Chicken and rice
30g whey, 30g WMS
30g whey, 30g WMS
Chinese combination w/300ml Pepsi Max (no sugar)
Sugar-free RedBull
300ml hi-lo milk, 30g whey, 1tbsp peanut butter, 1tbsp olive oil
Pack of Chips, 50g peanuts
Beef burger w/bacon/salad
Double Whopper :slight_smile:


Off day

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Beef burger w/egg+bacon, 500ml Coffee Milk
Coffee w/sweetener
Pack of chips, Beef burger, 250ml diet coke
30g whey/300mls hilo milk


3 eggs, 2 toast, coffee w/sugar+milk
coffee w/sweetener, 2 toast w/natty PB
30g whey, 30g WMS
30g whey, 30g WMS, 300ml milk
chicken and rice
2 sausages, salad, mashed potato, pepsi max

Tricep pushdowns 12xn4 n6 n6.2 n7 n8 (stack) *PR
Smith CGBP 6x55 75 95 *PR
OH Rope Extensions 10xn5 8xn5.2 8xn5.2 *PR
Hammer Curls 7x15 6x20 10x25 *PR felt awesome!!
DB preacher curls 10x12.5 10x17.5 *PR
EZBar 12x30 10x40 40 *PR

Went to the physio today for my 'uneven' tight trap. Turns out its my teres major. Also, checked my shoulders for impingement. Reckons i might have a burser (sp?), and he gave me some rotator cuff exercises to do. Hopefully everything gets better.