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From Average to Average

This was my first thread of 2011, in which I failed to change my bad habits.

[quote] RobRaynerBB wrote:
For pic updates see this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/pictures_pics_photo_body_image_performance/how_not_to_become_a_bodybuilder

Welcome to “How to Not to become a bodybuilder 101”

My current workout split is a 2 day upper/lower body split, on rotation. I’m using this split in order to gain back my strength that I lost from inconsistent lifting. I recommend everyone, reduce reps, reduce exercises (focus on compound exercises) and increase their workout frequency. Progression is way easier. I’ll most likely use this split for 4-6 weeks, going 2 days on, 1 day off, missing the day off, if I still feel fresh. As soon as I feel run down, I’ll take a day or 2 off. Once I feel stronger, I’ll switch to a 3 day push/pull split with a day off in between.

Bench Press 5
BB Rows 5
Military Press 5
Pullups 5
Tricep Extensions 8
Barbell Curls 8

Squats 5
Leg Extensions 8
Seated Leg Curls 8
Calf Press/Seated Calf Raises 12
Cable Crunches/Incline Situps/Situps 20

PR’s from this week’s training will be used to track my progress till the end of the year.


Current weight: 88.8kgs

Current PR’s (KGS/LBS):
Bench Press: 3x90/198
Squat: 3x75/165
Deadlift (sumo): 3x80/176
Standing Military Press: 5x50/110
Barbell Rows: 5x80/176
Pullups: 5 reps
EZ Bar Curl/Barbell Curl: 5x40/88
Tricep Extensions: 8x35/77

Goal weight by december 2011: 100kgs+
Goal PR’s (1RM) (KGS/LBS):
Bench Press: 144/315
Squat: 185/405
Deadlift: 185/405
Standing Military Press: 75/165
Barbell Rows: 125/275
Pullups: 20 reps
EZ Bar Curl/Barbell Curl: 62/135
Tricep Extensions: 53/115

**Goal’s are taken from Tim Henriques Article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/are_you_strong_find_out_right_now_with_these_strength_standards - and I’m aiming for what he deemed ‘good’ strength levels.

NOTE: This log is finished. It is a fine example of how not to eat, train or do anything that resembles the life of a bodybuilder. If you want to look average, follow this log. If you want to stay the same, follow this log. If you want to ultimately end up looking like the majority, follow this log.

This log shows inconsistency.
This log shows lack of motivation.
This log shows laziness.
This log shows a person not moving forward.
This log shows a failure.

If you want to follow my real log, a log in which I change these failures.

Go here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/bog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/from_average_to_inhuman_part_1

From yesterday, 31st Jan, when I looked myself in the mirror and said, give it your all, or quit!

Today I begin pushing myself. If I fuck up. I get back up and keep going. If I miss a meal, I eat more the next meal. If I miss a training session, I don’t skip it, I do it the next day. I must be consistent, I must be consistent, I must be consistent!

First day Weight 88.8kgs after the toilet.
Waist 88.9cm
Arms (UF): 35.6/35.6cm
Arms (F) 38.7/38.3cm
Legs 57.7/55.9cm
Calves 38.4cm

woke @ 10am. Had a coffee w/ 2 sugars.
11am. 4 eggs, 2 wholegrain toast.
2pm. Whey shake.
2.30pm. 3 Fruit Toast w/ butter
4pm. Gym - 500mls cordial (50g carbs)
5.30pm Chicken and rice
6pm Whey shake
7.30pm Moroccan chicken/broccoli/cabbage
8.30pm Coffee/2 sugars
10pm Fruit
10.30 Milk milo w/1 sugar
12am. 2 white bread w/ peanut butter, glass of full cream milk.

Today was upper body.

Bench Press 5x60,65,70,80,3x90
BB Rows 5x60,65,70,75,80
Military Press 5x40,45,50
Pullups BWx5,3
Chins BWx5,5,5
Tricep Extensions 12x15 8x25 30 35
Barbell Curls 8x25 30 35 5x40

*Workout felt real good, I’m still much weaker than when I consistently lifted and got up to 95kgs, but its getting better.

Woke @ 12pm had coffee w/2 sugars, chicken and rice.
500mls milk
Coffee w/2 sugars.
Chicken and rice.
GYM - powerade
Whey shake w/full cream milk
Roast beef,potatoes,vegies
Peanut butter sandwich
Whey shake w/full cream milk

Lower body:
Squats 8x40 5x60 65 70 3x75
SLDL 5x40 45 50 55
Seated leg curls 8xn4 n5 n6
Seated leg extensions 8xn4 n5 n6 n7
Calf Press 12x160 120 140 x 12,8,12*lift,rest,lift,rest,lift

*n - denotes number of weights on stack, the machines are from life fitness

Some stretching. My flexibility is quite more, i can get to below parrallel (just) in squats, my hip does hurt sometimes, but will most likely get better as i havent squatted in 4 months.

Good luck

Thanks man.

Fuck I’m sore everywhere, doing some heavy lifting (heavy fore me) really makes you sore.

Today I woke @11.30am - no gym today.
Coffee w/2 sugars
Bacon and egg muffin
Fried Rice
500mls milk
Whey shake w/milk, peanut butter, olive oil
Meal out - margherita pizza, chips, corn, chilli mussels, coke
Whey shake w/milk and peanut butter

Best regards!

You squat less than your Bench and Row?

[quote]FightingScott wrote:
You squat less than your Bench and Row?[/quote]

Yep, inflexibility and not training my squat. Shit hey?! I plan on rectifying that. A lot. The best ive ever squatted past parrallel is 100kgs. And that was after 4 wks of properly training it. So im hoping ill hit at least 100kgs within the next 4 wks and then push to 180 by the end of the year.

YAY. doing school work right now but I will chime in later.

Woke up at 10.30am, talk my gfs dog for a walk on an empty stomach, came back had a coffee, had some muesli with milk and went to the gym. Had a powerade during the gym for extra energy/insulin etc.

Bench Press 8x40 5x60 70 80 90 *PR
for now. I cant believe how much strenght I lost, my max bench last year was 112.5 for 1. Now im doing 90 for 5. Shit. Oh well i am 89 compared with 95kgs

Military Press 5x40 45 3x50
*less than last time, but they were strict, not push presses and were done immediately after bench instead of doing bb rows. whoops. but they feel really good. i had trouble with my neck doing these, tweaked it twice, doctors once. but feel real good as my shoulders are healthier.

BB Rows 8x40 5x60 70 3x85 *PR

Pullups BWx 5 6 4 3 (total - 4sets/18reps)
*did them all pullups, instead of chins, so thats a good thing i suppose

EZ Bar Curls (assumes bar weighs 10kgs) 8x20 40 50 5x55 *PR

Tricep Extensions (EZ) 8x40 45 47.5 *PR

Good workout, covered in sweat, shoulders felt good, no aches. Only problem is my fucking wrist, performing the bench and shoulder press, my wrist at my styloid process on my ulna fucking hurts. Might be localised pain from something else, or a tendon near by i have no idea. All i know is that if i sqeeze the bar as tight as i can it doesnt hurt :slight_smile:

Ate Nando’s Chicken Pita and Large Coffee Chill (milk).
Came home and had 4 egg omelette with bacon.
4 pieces of pizza, chips
50g peanuts
2 pints of beer
3 slices of fruit toast w/butter
Glass of choc milk

**Getting calories in but not from very good sources, beers were after work, i work at a pub.

Lower body
Squats 8x40 5x60 70 3x80 *PR
(heel elevated, still working on flexibility)
Sumo deadlift 5x60 70 3x80 *PR
(raised 2" from floor to ensure straight back)
Seated Ham Curls 8xn6 8xn9 10xn11 *PR
Seated Calves 12x20 30 40 x12,12,10 *PR
Incline situps BWx15, 10 *man I suck haha.
Leg Raises BWx10, 10 *again, my abs suck.

Stretches. Workout killed me, was stuffed after squats and deads, so skipped leg extensions.

4 egg omellette with bacon, 2 toast
chicken pita bread w/lettuce, tomato
glass of choc milk
whey shake w/milk

Heading out for a friends bday tonight, so will be drinking, no gym 2moro. But will be eating shitloads to ensure I hit 92.5 on the bench, and complete 5 good reps on shoulder press (50kgs).

Ended up not going out, having a cold beer with dinner. Dinner was sundried tomato and chicken pasta, and 3 pieces of pizza, and a diet lemonade. Watched some dvd’s instead of going out and had a 600ml coke (used to (might still) be addicted to this stuff!?) and stole some of my gf’s maltesers. Had a whey shake w/ milk before bed.

Today woke at 12pm. Seems like a common thing these days haha.
Had 5 egg ommellette with ham and a coffee w/ 2 sugars.
GYM - powerade
Chicken and fried rice
Whey shake w/milk
Can of red bull
50g peanuts
5 slices of pizza and some chips
Diet coke
Bbq chicken and rice

End up going to the gym today anyway because my gf wanted to train so what the hell.

bench press 8x40 5x60 70 80 3x92.5 *PR
military press 8x30 5x40 5x50 *PR - strained the left side of my neck (re-occuring injury), scalenes maybe?!
bb rows 10x40 5x60 70 3x85 *was fucking heavy
pullups BWx6 6 5 *PR
tricep extensions (bar=13kg) 8x+10 +20 +25 *PR
ezbar curls (bar=13kg) 8x+15 +20 +30 +35 *PR

Really good workout besides the strained neck. Have been icing it.

Woke at 12.30pm.
Had a coffee w/ 2 sugars
Chicken and rice.
Diet coke, wedges, 1.5 beef burgers.
Whey shake w/milk and evo.

Last week’s progress.

-Progressed in all lifts.
-Gained weight. Went from 88.8kgs to 89.5kgs today (+.7kgs). Probably too much, but most likely a lot was water.
-Ate quite well, dropped off at the end of the week but got enough calories in most days.
-Consistently trained.

-Poor dietary habits
-Need to increase flexibility
-Maintain proper form - hurt my neck

=Good first week, happy I began gaining weight again and my lifts were going up. Still have problems with flexibilty, form, injuries ie. neck/wrist but will progress. You havent seen the last of me.

Wassup Bro

[quote]austin_bicep wrote:
Wassup Bro[/quote]


Wgt: 89.5kgs

Squats 8x40 5x40 60 70 80 *PR
SLDL/RDL 8x40 60 4x70 70 *PR
Seated Ham Curls 8xn8 n10 4xn12 *PR
Leg Extensions 8xn6 n8 n10 12xn12
Seated Calves 12x25 35 55 8x55 6x55 *PR

*Really good workout. Squats was hard but I did it. Next up 82.5kgs. Ugh. I still feel like a little girl when its comes to deads and squats, oh well. Shit happens and you deal with it.

Coffee w/ 2 sugars
5 eggs + bacon
GYM - powerade
Half chicken
Whey shake w/whole milk

Coffee w/ 2 sugars
5 eggs + bacon
GYM - powerade
Half chicken
Whey shake w/whole milk”

Thats all you ate in the day?

jesus, now that i’ve gotten used to ~4,000 kcal, i think i’d die if i only ate that