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From 9 to 13 Inches


No, not my bicep progress :wink:
that is the range on the free pharmacy blood pressure cuffs. 9 to 13 inches.

Good news is that when your arm is big enough to get stuck in one, no one stops you as you walk out with the machine permanently attached.


I'd rather get my forearm stuck.


i always thought those were public fleshlights....huh learn something new everyday


I can't even get my forearm in those to get it stuck.




Thought this thread was about something else guess I'll just have to stay at 9.



i can't even get my ring finger through the cuff.


i thought this thread was about something else entirely.


I just tried it again and I am having trouble with my pinky.....fingernail.


I learned never to use a public blood pressure monitor.


oh shit, lol

And lol at this whole thread too


Psh... Prof X- always a "one upper!" ha.

And i agree about thinking this was a different kind of thread...


Yeah, me too.

Imagine my disappointment.


You two should seek professional help.

Elephantiasis is gross.


I got to sit in on surgery once done on a man who had elephantiasis of the scrotum. His was at least the size of a small soccer ball. I know what you're thinking..."how can I get a form fitting mangina with a soccer ball sized scrotum?!!". Well, that would be difficult to say the least.


Built in BOSU ball? handy! you could do an iron cross balance workout anywhere.