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From 75kg to 114kg and Back to 90kg

Over the course of 4 years I’ve reached my goal of getting over 100kg. I got up to 114kg this year.
I’m currently at 105 and working my way down to somewhere between 90-95kg and 10%bf.
The first photo im 75kg in 2016 not sure what %bf.
Second photo is start of this year at 112kg
And the last is a month ago at 106kg and 18%bf.

I have always wanted an aesthetic figure, iv done martial arts my whole life with regular gym work. However never done a serious program of any kind. I am trying to find a balance between strength and efficiency and looking/feeling good , with the former being priority as i compete in mma, and the later hopefully a by-product.
Always wanted abs but never had them lol.

My problem is I love food and have always eaten shit or too much, and it shows. Along with not following a specific program in the gym.
I’ve recently started a proper 8 week cutting program with mostly hiit, core and cardio type workouts. My next fight is in 6 months which is definitely achievable to be at 90ish kg. I should be able to get some of my strength back by that stage too.
Keen to see what improvements I notice at the end of 8 weeks, Just have to be disciplined with food and work on my lower core and cardio.

This is partly me keeping myself accountable as well as looking for advice on any areas that stand out as being weak or underdeveloped, and shedding those last few kgs.

How tall are you?


Ok, I asked because you seem a lot like me in my similar journey except that you are much younger and obviously true athlete, I am just a regular office guy trying to build muscle.
Yes, we are the exact same height, I also started from 76 kg, nearly touched 99kg 3 years ago, and now hoover around 84.
In your starting picture you looked great, I am interested to see the final result once you trimm off the fat surplus from your actual state. Just note that it might be lot more then you expected :wink:
I also wanted to ask, since you compete in MMA and I am big fan of the sport, why have you decided to go so much up in weight class? Isn’t that counterproductive in a certain sense , and how much weight do you think would be your combat weight?
Thanks and great job, man :).