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From 39.5 to 35.3 Waist on KETO Diet

Just wanted to hear honnest opinions on my progress so far

Biggest accomplishement:
From 39.5 waist to a 35.3 waist on a KETO diet I even managed to gain some muscle while losing fat.

  1. diet (KETO DIET 7 days a week for last 6 weeks)

200G protein - 125G Fat - 10-30G carbs DAILY

Saterday the 31 of january I will start adding 1 Carb load a week on saterday.

  1. My training is heavy 5x5 style

Monday: Arms
Friday:chest and Back

Weekend: OFF

Sorry I had forgotten to add these and also a pick of my legs. So here goes.

You’re looking good mate. Kept plenty of mass while improving the v taper even more.

Unfortunately this is rate my physique not rate my progress. If you read the sticky you’ll get the rules of this forum (need leg pics etc).

I’m going to hold judgement as far as points out of ten 'til you’ve uploaded the other details. Well done on the work so far. How long have you been on the Keto diet and how are you finding it??

Looking good, and from that pic and your avatar, chances are you have a good all round upper body. The only think gI can;t tell is back thickness from those two shots but willling to give you the benefit of doubt lol.
How about leg shots, and a whole body shot as well.

In any case, you’re well suited for our great sport lol. Well done.

Pic of legs.

What are your lifting stats like?

Good genetics. Where are you trying to do in the short/medium term i.e. are you looking to get into contest shape with the Keto diet.

Well done and keep it up.

BTW, it’s Saturday not Saterday ;o)

Good job on the mass. Not sure but from the pics it looks like you should gain a little calf and forearm size if you’re looking for symmetry.

Keep us posted.

Looking solid…

need more pictures, with less clothing…

definitely holding onto most of your lbm. can’t wait to see how far you go with this. Looking solid.


[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
definitely holding onto most of your lbm. can’t wait to see how far you go with this. Looking solid.


Have not posted in a while.

Well I was able to keep all my mass and gain some more. Waist is now 34" and my weight is 198.

since I have been using back shots since the begining here is another back shot taken 2 weeks ago for comparison.