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From 340 to 295 in 3 Months

been going down the gym 4 days a week and have gave up drinking and smoking weed = no munchies. the reason i start is a old friend of mine has went pro in rugby. I had a try out a academy side at 16 and didnt make it due to conditioning. basicly i want to get back to my best then go for it again as 21 for a loose head prop isnt that old.

i would like to lose another stone at most. i have tried to eat less but for a living i am a hod carrier - walk about 13 miles a day at work carrying bricks/block/muck all day. would like to know of any better workout as the one i have follow is below with the last weight i was on. this is all after work.

bench press - 55kg 10x4 incline bench press - 50kg 10x4 cable cross - 50 12x4 bar pushdowns - 70 kg 12x4 rope pushdowns - 50kg 12x4
deadlift - 150kg 8x4 lat pulldowns wide and close 60kg 12x4 bicep curls 20kg 10x4 preachers - 30kg 10x4
atg squat 130kg 7x4 leg press - 200kg 12x4 leg extension - 70kg 12x4
shoulder press 50kg 12x4 lateral raises - 40kg 12x4 upright rows - 65kg 12x4

Check out the Jim Wendler forums here. He has some great approaches to athlete training.

I second the recommendation. Another - fantastic - option for you would be Westside for Skinny Bastards (google it). I know, you’re not skinny, but it’s really Joe DeFranco’s go-to template for athletes.