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From 330 to 200

Its took me just under a year but I have been able to drop from 335 to 200 pounds and feel great. From 36% body fat to 9.9 and I have never felt better. I was really apprehensive about posting on here but if I ever want to improve I guess I need to hear from others what I need to do get bigger. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the after picture

That’s awesome, what did you do for training/diet? Incredible transformation.

When I first started I just watched my fat and caloric intake, tried to stay around 2000 calories a day and at the time 250g of protien. I worked out and continue to work out 6 days a week. 5 days lifting 1 day mild to high intensity cardio. Currently primarily eat chicken, fish and a lot of veggies. Now I am pulling in about 350-400 grams of protien a day trying to build more muscle.

I assume losing the weight was easiest at the beginning…how much did you lose in the initial month, if you can recall? Again, great job.

At first it was very easy, my first month if I remember correctly I lost 15 pounds. I was able to lose 30 pounds my first three months. I used to drink a ton of soda and eat fast food every day so the first 30 feel off. It wasnt until I got down to 260 or so that it started to slow down. I changed my routine and after about a month of stagnation my weight began to drop again. It was very challenging at time to say the least but it has all been worth it.

Fantastic! Keep it up. Remember at a time like this. You want to start from 0. Where do you want to go now with your physique? You get a 10 in my book for transformation buddy. In this lifestyle there is no end just the journey ~ enjoy yourself :wink:

Thanks!!! I just want to continue to grow, this has become a complete lifestyle change for me. The more I see results the more I want!!! I would like to gain about 20-25 pounds of muscle. So far my experience has been that it is going to be much harder to gain the muscle weight i want compared to the fat loss I have had!! But I am up for the challenge!!!

Great transformation.

Wow this is an amazing transformation, you lost 130 lbs thats ridiculous! No doubt you will continue to make great gains with the kind of dedication it must have taken to change your entire life and lose that kind of weight.

Your truly an inspiration to us V-dieters. Your transformation is astonishing for the amount of time that it took. 130 lbs. in 12 months pans out to over 10 lbs. a month or a consistent 2.5 lbs a week!

Not to sound corny but if you truly want it you can make it happen. I have worked my ass off to get where I am. I used to dread going to the gym now I wake up every morning amped up ready to go!!!

It just takes determination

good job dude
just shows ya anyone can do it
keep us updated

Gave you a very well deserved 10 for such an awesome transformation!!!

Age & height if you don’t mind sharing?

Once again…CONGRATS on your success!!


Thanks, I am 6’3 and 31 years old

phenomenal. well done. extremely inspiring, keep us updated on your progress.

Holy crap man awesome transformation.
If you’re trying to put on muscle, I’d suggest adding in a few rest days here and there per week; two days off from weights (not necessarily cardio) definitely isn’t bad, but try maybe 3 days off (lifting 4x/week) and see if you gain faster. After all, growth happens outside of the gym.

What’s most impressive about this, for me, is that it was done in only one year. And it’s nice that you didn’t end up looking skinny, either.

Great job! How did you get the extra skin to shrink? That’s something I am having issues with.