From 215 25% BF to 185 17-18%

Went on a cut after yoyoing for the past 3 years and just getting fat. 185 at 6’2 is kinda light so im looking forward to a nice few year lean bulk. I need another 20lb of muscle to look big. I believe I am currently around 17-18%. At least thats what my scale says although I know they are wildly innacurate (I may be higher).


You look less than 16% imo

Great job!

How did you do it? What was your diet and workout plan? How many calories? How long did it take you? Please share some details.

40/40/20 macro at 2200 cals daily. Took me just over 3 months. Kept workout intensity the same.

Looking great! I’d say you look significantly less than 17% BF. Those scales are worthless, mine is saying 9% at 191lbs, 6". I wish! :stuck_out_tongue:

What did your workout consist of? How many days a week? Cardio?

4 days a week. Chest/back, legs, shoulders, arms. Cardio HIIT 3 days a week 20 minute sessions on an arc trainer.

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That’s one hell of a 3 month transformation. Jesus.

Any chance we could get a few unfiltered pictures? Maybe a straight on shot, not one of you taking your best angles? And I’m not asking this as like a slight against you or anything, you’ve obviously put in some serious work.

What are your strength numbers? Just curious because I weigh close to what you do at 5’7, feel like I’m pretty strong for my size and I look nothing like that haha.

Great work though man! The before pic looks like you don’t even lift.

In the before pic i was repping 225 on bench for 8, deadlifting 405 for 3 and squatting 285 for 5. Now i can barely rep 225 for 5, cant touch 285 for more than 1 on squat but I did pull 425 for 1 last week for the first time. Here are a couple of unfiltered pics.

Really great work!

Thanks. Im not happy with my chest. I have a great mind miscle connection and I get an amazing pump during a workout but it just never grows. Waist is 32” around my belly button and chest is 43”. Im lacking that v taper. Still happy with progress overall but now I just want tons of mass without looking like the before pic.

Chest looks fine to me, but I don’t have to live with it. I think some shoulder work would give you more of the v taper, but I don’t know shit. I’m sure Flip will set you straight.
CT posted a response about lagging chest. Don’t know if any of would help but here it is.

Lagging Chest Muscles - #3 by Christian_Thibaudeau

Great results, I don’t know shit either, but I would say you are below 15% BF.


Is the 20 fat or carbs?