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From 200g to 300g Pro While Cutting

Hi all, first post in a while…

Ashamed though I am to admit it, I have never gotten to 300Gms, only ever done 200Gms, tops.

Now, at 40, I’m on a cutting diet, got about 30Ibs to shift until I can see my abs at 210Ibs. No roids/creatine. My question is…

What should be the net effect of this leap in protein, on my lean muscle stock, while cutting?



There are no easy answers and with most anything like this you’re pretty much always in the position that the only way to know for sure is to try it and see what happens.

That being said, there is a possible problem in that you’re going to have to cut calories from carbs or fats to up your protein and stay within your daily calorie budget. This most likely means that the majority of your calories are going to be from protein and so there is a chance that your body will become “protein adapted” and start favoring the burning of protein for its energy needs and since muscle is the main store of protein, your body will favor muscle burning over fat burning. If you do decide to up protein, cut the carbs and not the fat.

I think your best bet is to keep your 40-30-30 ratio but be sure that you’re getting your protein when it is the most beneficial - immediately after working out, and with some slow digesting (casein) just before bed.

If you really want to dial in your nutrition, I highly recommend “Nutrient Timing” by Ivy & Portman. It has made a real difference in helping me stay lean and muscular at the same time.