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From 138 to 151


i know im still skinty but im making progress...


at 138lbs (if even that)


13 pounds of progress is nothing to write home about, or write to T-Nation about.

Any post starting off with "I know I'm still skinny but..." should never have been posted in the first place.

Having said that...

I think you look decent at your weight and congrats on the 13 pound gain, but it is not that much in the grand scheme of things. You look like you have potential for good things in the physique game, so stick with it.


I know but it means something to me because ive never put on any type of weight at all the couple of years before i tried. Now that i see gains (slowly lol) and know i will see more i want something to look back on when i hit 160, 170, 180, 190, etc. motivation per say...

i should have made this a training and diet log in the beginners section instead ....


You look like a balla'

Holler at the volvo


Dont get me wrong, I think you are doing well and you have a nice lean build to grow on, but it seems like everyone posting pictures now adays has the same story:

I'm not done yet, and I havent made a whole lotta progress, but here I am 30 pounds away from my goal.

I'm just saying post pictures when you are DONE, or at some milestone along the way, but dont just post for the sake of posting.


When he's done, why do you capalize done? How many people are done, how many people actually reach the goal set in there mind? Not many and you know it, and for the ones that do it takes a long time. This guy has made progress, added 13 pounds to a frame that's hard to add mass to it seems. I disagree with only posting pictures when you are done, progress photos are for a reason, now he can look back on his progress as can we.


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i think your doing pretty damn good, and its not that your skinny, just a bit tall for that kind of weight. When i competed at 148 goddam i looked little too but your doing good. Im sittin at 170 now, so you arent too far behing. Good job. (im guessin that pic is on your myspace too huh? :] ) lol


How tall are you? I don't want to down you but I'm 159 and 5'10 at 16 yrs old and...uh..don't look anything a like

What are your stats..bench..DL..curl?


ya, just keep on keepin on man, you easily could add a lot more while still looking very lean, since you are extremely lean as of now.

stick to the workouts around here, and add more calories.


yea its on my myspace too


im 5'9,5'10 with shoes...150 this morning

i havent been able to get any maxes on major lifts due to not having a training partner and not wanting to goto failure by myself...im trying to avoid injuring myself on deads and squats...

this week tho

DL 175x8 (could have cranked out more with sloppy ass form)
Flat Bench Press 105x8 (could have prolly got few more reps)
Pullups 8
Dumbell Curl 30x5?

ive been in a maintaining mode working on my form in major lifts as of late havent tried to push myself to make strength gains due to not eating like/as much as i should and not having a training partner to safely goto failure with...women seem to stray me away from the weights too...

my strength seems to flucuate at times too..iono why...


5'10" with shoes ... .lol

im 5'9" and 300lbs with loaded dip belt


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13 lbs is progress, keep it up and you'll reach your goals eventually. Just keep lifting and keep eating, remember the more weight you put on the more your going to need to eat to keep that weight and gain more.


Do you even try? You bench 105... Lets be real on season the last for kickboxing I weight around 142lbs, i dont bench often,i use dumbells rep 90s flat, incline 75ish all 8 or more reps, but when i do bench for new routines and muscle shock i rep out 205 man, i know i do good for my weight, but lets be real. i weigh more off season by alot. but idk.
Your get that look lifting harder i guess. idk i lift intense.


Ha ha ha...

OP...stop doing that.


hahaha nice!