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FROGGBUSTER's Training Log


Current Program:

Workout A:

Front Squat

Workout B:

OH Press
Back Squat
DB Chest Press
Kroc Rows


Bodyweight: 154.6lbs waking up pre-shit

OH Press: 102.5lbs (3x5) [1537.5lbs / 11mins10secs = 137.69 lbs/min] - hard

Back Squat: 225lbs (7/7/7); 222.5lbs* (6) [6060lbs / 22mins45secs = 266.37 lbs/min] - was supposed to go down to 220, but i put 5lbs on one side and 2.5 on the other

Chins: BW (10/8) [6mins10secs] - 8 was to failure, 10 was probably close

Deadlift: 175lbs (4x5) - didn't keep time, but it was pretty short breaks, need to experiment more with stance width and foot angles

DB Curls: 25lbs (2x8) - easy



Treadmill walking: 1 mile @ 3.0~3.5 mph



Bodyweight: 154.0lbs waking up post-shit

Bench: 140lbs (3x5) [5mins30secs] - easy

Back Squat: 235lbs (3x5) [3525lbs / 13mins20secs = 264.38 lbs/min] - surprisingly difficult, must be fatigued

DB Bench: 40lbs (2x15) - pretty difficult near the ends

Deadlifts: 180lbs (4x5) - took really short breaks in the first 3 sets, longer one before 4th

Tris: 110lbs (2x13) - second was pretty heavy for me



Bodyweight: 155.0lbs waking up pre-shit

OH Press: 105lbs (4); 95lbs (3x6) [15mins]

Back Squat: 225lbs (7/7/7/6) [6075lbs / 23mins = 264.13 lbs/min]

Chins: BW (10/8) - didn’t keep time

Deads and bis tomorrow.



Bodyweight: 153.4lbs waking up

Bench Press: 145lbs (3x5) [6mins45secs]

Back Squat: 240lbs (4/1)

Deadlift: 185lbs (5/5/4/1)

Tired and lost a lot of weight.



Bodyweight: ??

OH Press: 100lbs (4x5) [2000lbs / 14mins50secs = 134.83 lbs/min]

Chins: BW (2x10) - not bad



Bodyweight: ??

Squat: 220lbs (3x5) - short breaks, sort of hard

DB Chest Press: 40lbs (2x17)

Deadlift: 185lbs (4x5) - lot easier with chalk



Bodyweight: 153.6lbs pre-shit

Bench: 150lbs (3x5) [8mins] - time to start going +2.5lbs

Front Squat: 155lbs (3x3) - felt sort of heavy

DB Curls: 25lbs (13/11)

Decline Abs: +70lbs (1x20)



Bodyweight: 153.8lbs at time of Chins

“Sternum” Chins: BW (11/10) [11.5mins] - stopped far from Sternum actually lol



Bodyweight: 153.8lbs pre-shit

OH Press: 105lbs (5/5/4) - 16mins?

Back Squat: 225lbs (3x5) [9-10mins] - hard with the short breaks, probably woulda been hard without too

Kroc Rows: 45lbs (2x10)

DB Chest Press: 50lbs (2x11) - hard to keep form, accidentally went to 50’s instead of 45’s

Front squats 2 days ago aggravated my left hip (injury a few months ago during spring break). Felt the stiffness during warmups but went away by 225. Going to do other stuff for the time being instead of front squatting.



Bodyweight: ??

Bench: 152lbs (3x5) [~10mins]

Front Squat: 160lbs (3x3) - seems to be okay on my hip if i’m careful

Chins: BW (11/10)

Deadlift: 190lbs (3x5) - not bad

I’m resuming front squatting, at least till the left hip flares up again.



Bodyweight: 154.4lbs waking up, going to 157.0lbs at the end of tonight

OH Press: 105lbs (3); 95lbs (3x7) [21mins] - beach prolly, the sets of 95lbs were haard

Back Squat: 225lbs (4x5) [15mins] - hard

DB Chest Press: 50lbs (2x12)

Kroc Rows: 45lbs (2x12)



Bodyweight: 155lbs at time of Chins

Bench: 155lbs (3x5) [10mins19secs] - didn’t touch chest maybe on reps? repeat next time

Front Squat: 165lbs (3x3) - real short breaks

Chins: BW (11/10) - first set of 11 felt really good, hands slipping during 2nd set

Deadlift: 190lbs (3x5) - hands kept slipping, no chalk, football tomorrow so 3 sets instead of 4



Bodyweight: 154.2lbs at end of last night

OH Press: 105lbs (3x5) [7:45] - powered thru these

Squat: 225lbs (4x5) [13:27] - not bad

DB Chest Press: 50lbs (13/12) - bad grip on left hand during first set led to unevenness, which tired me out for 2nd set

Kroc Rows: 45lbs (2x13) - cheated quite a bit during second set on the left side

Lost ~2lbs of bodyweight due to going back to school, expected to lose a lot of strength but doesn’t look too bad. Time to eat a lot.



Bodyweight: 155.2lbs at time of Chins

Bench Press: 155lbs (3x5) [8:04] - full reps this time

Front Squat: 170lbs (3x3) [5:16] - hard with short breaks

Chins: BW (12/11) [10:15] - stopped a little short on last rep of each set

Deadlift: 190lbs (4x5) [10:47] - grip keeps failing as set progresses, meaning 5th rep is always slipping

Good workout.



Bodyweight: ??

OH Press: 107.5lbs (3x5) [9:06] - hard

Back Squat: 230lbs (4x5) [14:23] - hard and tough, was sweating balls at the end of this

DB Chest Press: 50lbs (2x14) - hard

Kroc Rows: 45lbs (2x14) - cheated some

I need to hike up my shorts (they’re getting in the way) and sit back more on back squats.



Bodyweight: 153.0lbs waking up pre-shit, 154.2lbs at time of Chins

Bench: 157.5lbs (3x5) [7:28] - easy

Front Squat: 175lbs (3x3) [5:15] - pretty heavy, but not tough

Chins: BW (12/11) [10:12] - went a little narrower, only went to bottom of neck for 2nd set (as opposed to shoulders)

Deadlift: 195lbs (3x5) [6:50] - goes up a lot easier when knees are forward more, more quads

Another good workout, improved on all times and increased weight as well.



Bodyweight: 154.8lbs pre-shit, I got a new scale that should be more accurate

OH Press: 110lbs (3x5) [10:47] - hard; stopped just a little short on last rep right before hitting collarbone

Back Squat: 235lbs (4x5) [15:39] - hard and tough; last rep was terrible, lost the willpower to maintain form going down

DB Chest Press: 50lbs (16/13) - 1st set was right to failure, as a result 2nd set was affected greatly

Kroc Rows: 45lbs (16/16) - cheated towards the end of both sets, stopped a little short on last reps of 2nd set

The 3-day absence was due to getting my shit together in school. Next week I’m going to go Monday, either Wed or Thur, and then Saturday.

I was supposed to go for 15 reps today in both DB Chest Press and Kroc Rows, but I fucked it up and as a result got 16/13 for the Chest Press. I’ll repeat 16 for both exercises next time.

I’m thinking of adding a 4th day (Sunday) so I can get some extra accessory work in. It would consist of DB OH Press, Abs, and Arms.



Bodyweight: 153.8lbs waking up pre-shit, 154.4lbs at time of Chins

Bench: 160lbs (3x5) [9:42] - lot harder than 157.5lbs

Front Squat: 180lbs (3x3) [6:04] - right side of ilium acted funny driving up from the hole (forward lean)

Chins: BW (2x11) [9:12] - full reps to shoulders

Deadlift: 195lbs (4x5) [11:04] - hard

Not a great workout, but at least I got all my targeted weights, sets, and reps.

I’ll see how front squatting goes the next couple of sessions. If ilium keeps feeling funny, I might cut out front squats. =/



Bodyweight: 154.4lbs waking up pre-shit

OH Press: 112.5lbs (3x5) [13:34] - long breaks, 5 & 6 mins.; extremely tough, would fail 115lbs

Back Squat: 240lbs (4x5) [18:46] - these are getting heavy, last rep was all quads; 4.5, 5, 5.5-min breaks

Need to really concentrate on sitting back more.

I’ll do the other 2 exercises tomorrow, not enough time today.

Edit: I didn’t go today, was too tired, so I guess I’m just going to skip those 2 exercises. I’ll try hard to make sure this doesn’t happen again.