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'Frog Man' Style Pull? Knees Straight Back?


For taller 6'+ individuals; does anyone recommend pushing the knees outwards (more so than pulling them back)? I see lots of Chinese lifters use this technique (although they are very far from 6 foot tall).

With my own limited experimentation, I have found that: while my back angle stays consistent through the first pull with both styles. By pushing my knees outwards (frog style) I feel that the bar has a more vertical path - and my torso is a few degrees more upright (butt is slightly lower). While the more traditional pull, pulling the knees straight backwards with the glutes/hammies, creates a more looping S bar path, a LESS upright torso (my butt is higher [not to be confused with hips coming up too fast, it remains constant]).. I also feel I get more velocity out of the bar at the finish... but it comes at a cost of being thrown more in an exaggerated S bar path - making it more difficult to receive.

Sorry for the rambling, it's hard to express my thoughts in writing. Thanks in advance for the input.


With the more “traditional”/knees backwards style I notice my shoulders move forward of the bar a lot more once I clear my knees… ala. Jon North “superman pull” - but not that dramatically…


The Superman pull works for Jon North.

MOST other OLifters in the Worlds A group pull much more conventionally. Knees back and frog style are both acceptable. The most important thing is keeping the bar close and that your hips, shoulders, back angle is consistent, your weight shifts properly from mid foot to heels as you start to get the past past your knees and start to transfer off the heels on to your toes and to get under. Toes may or may come off the floor. Don’t get too caught up in the technical details too much. Think of the whole movement in it’s entirety.

When the weight is heavy you won’t be able to stay over like Jon North can. Not many people do this, but if it works for you then roll with it but I’d recommend minimizing pitching too far forwards for most lifters.



I have long femurs and think that frog style helps me avoid my knees. It helps the bar path move back off the floor. It reduces / eliminates the need for double knee bend, too. I think.

I’ve been lately inspired by ballet dancers… Who have major turn-out from the hips and how they don’t seem to suffer much in the way of knee pain… For all their jumping around…


I’ve been trying this out the last few weeks “frog man” stylez, and for me I think it’s a good thing that helps clear the knees. I notice I can get under the bar to catch much quicker, but I noticed I bang my “jewelz” on the bar sometimes, more often than not compared to the conventional stance. The catch also feels much stronger for me in both the snatch and clean. I guess when I was conventional the bar wasn’t traveling as straight and would come out and then back in causing a more imbalanced feeling.