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Froch v Ward


No topic on this? It has the potential to be one of the great fights of the past few years. Really interesting clash of styles. Ward is extremely fast, technical and athletic, while Froch is tough as a coffin nail, a much underrated boxer, and has genuine power in both hands.

Personally, I have Froch to win this. I think he has a great jab, which is always a powerful weapon for making fast technical fighters with limited power behave themselves. I also think he wont be afraid to make it rough. Ward is a fighter who likes to use his head, and I don't think that'll bother Froch, who'll give as good as he gets. I see him landing solid jabs, even if it means Ward landing the odd combination. I see Froch really hurting Ward, and grinding him down. I wouldnt be surprised to see a late stoppage. Anyway, I open it to the floor, and look forward to reading some of your opinions.


Froch is bigger, more aggressive, has a good chin but will he be as fast as Ward tonight?

I predict Froch winning by K.O or TKO, and that's only if Ward decides to come up close and personal. If he chooses to keep his distance, I see Ward winning by U.D.

And I can't stand how Ward constantly rams up his head up the other fighters' face. Who does he think he is? Evander H? I hope he won't push Froch to lose his temper if that happens tonight. He's fighting on foreign ground so he must keep his ego in check and think tactically.


I'm pulling for Forch, but I think Ward will win the decision. To fast and to skilled. He is just a hell of a boxer.


I like both fighters, but I think Ward takes this one. I am curious to see if Froch can make a fight of it. I am excited to finally see a winner in this tournament and it would be great if the final fight meets everyone's expectations.


Good call. This was my guess as well, but even I didn't expect him to pick Froch apart so easily. He was better on the inside, better on the outside, the better counterpuncher, the better dirty boxer, the more talented athlete... he really is just a great all-around fighter.

The thing that impresses me most about Ward is his focus. The level of concentration that guy has is downright scary. At the moment, he looks almost invincible. However, I think Lucian Bute might just be the guy to bring him down to earth.


Nobody will beat Ward. I didn't see the fight but I'll tell you right now nobody near his weight will beat him.

He's too good, and he's too smart. The guy's trainer knows the game and has brought him up PERFECTLY.


Just watched the fight and I think I have to agree with you. He's got absolutely everything a fighter need, maybe with the exception of superior knockout power, but his speed and the angle he works more than makes up for it.

Although, I do think Calzaghe would have beaten him in his heyday!!!! (just watch the sparks fly now!) ;0)


Lol dick.

But I agree. He could hit a little harder, but everything else more than covers that.



If he takes it, it's a big mistake.


Calzaghe is the Bizaro Mayweather for me.

He seems like a nice guy.

Has a good relationship with his Dad.

I would probably like to have him as a neighbor.

I HATED watching his fights.

Floyd seems like he is going for douchebag.

He has more issues with his father than the Devil himself.

I would hate to be around him longer than it takes to get his autograph.

I love watching what he does in the ring.

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Robert A


the grab and pray in round 12 is despicable