Froch Kessler

Did anyone watch?

Brilliant fight,I thought froch won it with the jab, he was throwing it non stop making kessler reset before he could throw the right.

I thought Kessler landed the bigger shots and if it weren’t for his chin Kessler would have won.

I always wondered if judges were supposed to score who did the most damage or who landed the bigger shots, because the two are not necessarily the same, if froch had landed the shots on kessler that kessler landed on froch, it would have been over.

Great fight! I couldn’t believe Froch’s chin more than anything else. He was the busier fighter, but most guy would have been knocked out by some of those shots by Kessler.

You have to wonder what this two fights will have taken from both guys.

Groves looked good too, The way he throws the right from his sugar ray stance was awesome.why do lots of British fighters seem to do a slap punch by the way?