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Frisson's TRT Log: Young, But Having Estrogen Problems

Age: 24

Came to T replacement after T came back in 200s on repeated tests. I wanted to preserve fertility so decided on hCG, first I was at 1000 IU, 145mg, and felt very anxious, I have been prone to anxiety the last few years.

Then moved to
—145mg T sustanon
—hCG 200IU EOD
—1mg/week Anastrozole

After 6 weeks, My results were:

T: 717 ng/dl
E2: 50 pg/ml, (non sensitive test)

I have been feeling quite depressed and unmotivated, and thinking maybe the estrogen is a problem.

So we have decided to go with
—160mg T
—150IU EOD hCG
—1.17mg/week A.I (0.25 E1.5D)

Don’t think estrogen blocker I have works, the brand is accord and I did not get from a legitimate establishment.

I took about 2mg on Monday after 50 pg/ml result, I had a blood test on thursday and the result was 37 pg/ml, I did take hcg, and an increased T shot in that time, so maybe the pills work at about 20% potency?