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Fringe: Who's Watching?


Has anyone been watching this?

I've been able to watch the first 2 seasons and it's gotten pretty good, but I've heard a lot of people say they didn't like it in the first season.

I think the characters are great, Walter is hilarious and Peter and Olivia are played pretty well actually imo, and the story gets pretty good in the second season while the first is more of a "solve the case every episode" type deal while slowly revealing larger conspiracy plots and the troubled pasts of all the characters.


nards is going to beat his meat to this thread.


It's one of the few shows i watch. It will probably be canceled since it got moved to Friday.


You got that right!

Yeah, I just started this show about 2 months ago on DVD and am now just starting the third season.
It's well written and lots of fun and seems like it won't drop the ball as badly as Lost did because this show isn't completely about a big mystery....it certainly has that (with The Pattern and the Observers) but it's a show that can be an enjoyable journey...not all about the destination like Lost was. Well it was for me, but I don't want to get into that.

Here's a neat thing I found out...the Obervers (the blad guys who wear suits and take notes) are actually in EVERY episode. Maybe one will walk by in the background or something, but they will be in every episode. There's a website that has the pic of the Observer from each episode. Sort of like Where's Waldo.


Here's the link...you can see the Observer in each picture. One time per episode!



im watching. it has become my favorite show on tv atm.

i think the story is really good and that the feeling that theres so much we dont know about the world of fringe yet so we never know what happends next episode..

but i think that olivia being able to escape because alternate broyles sacrificed himself was a little over the top movie cliche.

and then there was a fault when charlie returned after being killed..

but these are all minor things that doesnt really overshine the good things

also the fact that walter is so "handicapped" makes him perfectly balanced over the invicible/not invincible


I watch on Hulu. Love it.


I haven't missed one episode since the start. I remember talk of pulling the show after the first season...one of the reasons I started that thread here back then. I hope they keep the show going...but I have to say, if they change the relationship between Walter and his son, I doubt I will be as interested.

Walter IS that show with Olivia running a close second.


Love it. The series used to drag when they just did cases, but now that the actual story is the focus of the show, its amazing.


Cool! haha

I agree that what keeps this series going is the relationship between the group of main characters coupled with the slow revealing of information + new characters and their plots/motivations.

By the end of the second season Walter Peter and Olivia have a lot of depth to them which makes the series way more enjoyable than at the beginning.