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Fright Night


I was gonna Conan at midnight, but there we no midnight showings. BUT, there was 9:20 for Fright Night and I was gonna see that movie too.

I was 20-30 mins late to the movie, but I loved it. I've seen the original and enjoyed it. I liked the current version better. I was really surprised by how much I liked the movie. I liked all the characters and loved Colin Ferrel as Jerry.

If you're a fan of vampires, horror, or the original, you should like this movie a lot.
If you're not, you'll still like it. Especially if you take a date.

Full price.

I would post a trailer, but I want you people to go into this movie blind.


Was this movie made in 2003 because that seems to have been the only year that Colin Ferrell worked. He was in 87.7% of the movies made that year.


He was hot shit that year, but then he cooled down after Alexander. He probably went to Ireland to make movies there and slowly made his way back.

Nards, watch the movie. I'll think you like the movie. Just remember...the characters you know have been changed to fit the times...



I don't even watch you to listen to the spill review, just see the movie.


I never see horror movies in the theater as my girlfriend doesn't like them...so whose titties do I hide my face in for the scary parts?!?

Though I will go by myself if I must for the new The Thing.


But they have a woman as the protagonist in The Thing remake. Weak. She won't even die, I'd bet 5 internet dollars on it.


She has to die. She isn't in the first one and there were no other survivors bar the pilot and rubbish sniper...



1) She's a woman
2) Its 2011

When's the last time you've seen the female protagonist lose in a horror movie? Exactly. I'm pretty sure she'll live.

Even Kurt Russell and Keith David didn't survive in Carpenter's movie.


Right...you're on buddy, 5 inner'net dollars it is!


I'm not sure if I can bring myself to watch this. It looks like it has potential but I loved the first one and I'm pretty reluctant to continue supporting Hollywood simply remaking movies from 20-30 years ago. It's pathetic.

And they're remaking The Thing... seriously? WTF?


She'll get away on a plane and be the big hero because she'll warn the rest of the world.


It's a prequel, don't panic! Well...it has potential to be as bad as a remake and will certainly take flac for being similar to the original but it is effectively the tale of the Swedish camp.


Shrooms and Beaches female protagonist died


I sincerely hope they don't do this. =/

There's no need. We know how it ends. We don't care for alternative endings to make the film unique in its own right. Just fucking tell us what happens up to the dog chase!


LOL! Does Shrooms really count considering she actually SPOILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR turns out to be the killer?

But yea....well done. I gave it thought for a couple of minutes and then got distracted by something shiny.


Maybe you won't go alone, but taking your GF, date, or wife would be good. You'll enjoy it, especially with a date.


Yes the PROTAGONIST died because she was actually the ANTAGONIST.

And Beaches was a true fucking horror movie.


Seen neither, but I know oen is straight to dvd movies and the other is lifetime approved.

I'll give you one more: Rec aka Quarantine


Actually...you do have a point there. =P


What I mean is she likely escaped before the dog chase or was still at the Norwegian camp and left when the helicopter guy never came back.