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Hey guys, I'm new here this is my first post so forgive me if this should be in a different forum.

I've been lifting consistently for a few years now, but I'm really starting to have a hard time adding mass. I started a few years ago at 145lbs and I'm up to about 190lbs now, mostly muscle gains but obviously a little fat as well. Anyway, what I'm getting at is I need a new mass routine for the new year. I've (foolishly) never done a big compound exercise routine such as anything with squats and deadlifts consistently, so I'm hoping adding those in will trigger some new growth.

I KNOW that I need to start squatting, deadlifting, squatting, squatting and more squatting and I desire to, so any routine that doesn't have these two exercises in it should just not even be posted.

I've got enough time to workout as much as the routine calls for. So any routines or other tips would be very much appreciated! Thanks everyone!


The search function is in the upper right hand corner. This site has a lot of articles, forum discussions and training logs for you to look at. Nobody wants to babysit you. Oh yeah, weclome to T-Nation and eat more


Day 1: Curls in the squat rack
day 2: off
day 3: 7 mile run followed by 45 mins of yoga
day 4: bike 14 miles
day 5: bench press working up to 10 working sets of 1.5 reps (make sure the spotter does most of the work) @ 95 lbs
day 6: off
day 7: repeat day 3

then repeat the cycle.

Diet: Tofu and Soymilk


what does your currents split look like?


You're going to get shot down, after all this IS january...

But you have an amusing username, so I will reply. :slight_smile: You went from 145 to 190 on a crappy mostly isolation exercise program (I bet it included loads and loads of bench presses though) so imagine how you are going to explode once you start on a decent program! There's nothing I can say that isn't said better in all of these articles:

Mass made simple: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/mass_made_simple

You're not skinny, but this works: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/westside_for_skinny_bastards

Bodybuilding bible: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/the_bodybuilding_bible_free_of_charge

Have a nice day...


Monday: Chest/Back
Tuesday: None
Wed: Shoulders/Triceps/Core
Thursday: Chest/Back
Friday: Bi's/Triceps-Lighter weights

I know, first thing that's missing is legs. I do them typically just once a week and not usually a specific day of the week, just whichever day I have the most time. Terrible I know, I want to make that a priority this year.
I usually switch up rep ranges and weight, and other details every 3 weeks. For example, I'll do a 5x5 program, then switch to an FST-7 program. I'll bench with just free weights for a few weeks then switch to using resistance bands/chains with free weights.


Haha, you're right on, loads of bench presses. It was a huge mistake, it tore up my elbows which I'm still paying for. I was okay with it, because my chest was my weakest body part. I broke my wrist in high school right around when all of my friends started lifting. So once I was healed my ego took over and instead of lifting smart I just wanted to get my bench press up to keep up with them, how foolish.

Thanks for the reply, the great articles and for not being a douche bag :wink:


Some people are retarded in here. His question is legit and then you get a bunch of clowns trying to be funny. There is a forum called "Get a life"....post there instead.


Yes it was a legit question, but when a question has been asked, and discussed (in threads AND easily found articles) a gazillion times, you'll understand if people start to mock.



Then we wouldn't have any discussion on this forum.

I agree, there are some questions that are dumb and when you see the OP you can't help but to wonder if they even took the time to think the questions though, however bodybuilding is repetitive and some questions need to be answered over and over again. The guy doesn't look like he is wasting time in the gym and people should take that into account.


Those articles will give you most of what you're looking for but something else you brought up is how you change program every 3 weeks, try to avoid doing this, pick a basic sensible program and stick with it for as long as possible, to avoid exhausting them all in a really short time


hi you've been a member here for two years and are still wearing size medium polos.

keep it up!



alright, first thing is - pick a plan and stick with it. if you keep switching from plan to plan, you're not going to know how much progression you are making.

second - i would suggest doing back and chest on seperate days. i would suggest only one 'large' muscle group a day.

obiv include legs.

lastly, it seems from your picture that your right delt and arm is significantly larger than you left. could be the angle but might be something to address


Perhaps check out the BBB threads? Seems to me it would jive with what you're looking for.


lol at the 2010 guy with 21 posts lecturing the 2008 guy with 1472 posts on how tiresome it is having the same questions asked and discussed over and over.


Alright, thanks a lot man, I appreciate it!


I don't think you need a "routine." You just need a "split" that makes sense to you.

Try a 3 or 4 day split, such as

Back/rear delt
Biceps/mid+front delt

Off days are taken when you need them. Deadlift on back day (usually), squat on leg day.
Get stronger for 6-12ish reps on the big exercises and eat for growth. Much easier than blindly following a detailed routine.


Dude, I hope you're informed enough to know that you're not gonna break any bodyweight barriers while not training legs. What did you expect?

Use the search function and the articles and threads you were directed to.

MeinHerzBrent suggests a good routine used by quite a few.

Please also refer to CT Designing a Damn Good Program series, his beginner series (which you might want to read considering you are asking for the most basic advice, and Training Roadmap article.

Eventually no one but YOU and the most experienced personal trainer will be able to design routines for yourself.


I'm sorry but are you really trying to school me when you didn't even, wait for it....activate the lunk alarm?!?! STFU SRSLY

In all seriousness I just went large!! lulzzzzz :D:D:D:D:

There are a few reasons why I'm not bigger, with one of them me being an idiot and doing every possible thing wrong when it comes to bodybuilding, among other reasons like a hernia which happened at the workplace.

In the last year or so I got my hernia repaired and have been making great progress. Anyways who gives a shit what size polo I wear? I didn't give advice on how to get "BIG" because I'm not considered big yet however my point still stands.


i went from 140 to 225 in 3+yrs. best advice given...kill you back and legs. you don't gain lbs and lbs w/out making those grow, a chest and arms focused split will only yield so much size. do a full split w/ intensity of course, but the whole body grows when the legs and back are gaining.

diet wise, eat every 2-3 hours, eat lots of meat, red meat. add salsa and sour cream and some rice, no reason you cannot down nearly a lb per sitting. calorie dense food, add olive oil 3 shots a day equals an extra 1000c.

good luck, read what bigger guys did to get that way. i'm still a lil' guy, 210 right now but that's because i eat like a bitch lately. no secrets eat til you are uncomfortable and lift heavy and intense over and over + sleep.