Friggen' Clothes

Since i’ve hit the weights i’ve had to replace my entire wardrobe. NONE of my old pants fit my thighs, had to buy all new boxers because of my thighs, not waist. I can’t wear any of those “fashionable” styles of jeans, only wide legs pretty much. i started at a small in tshirts, then medium, now i have to stretch my shirts with my hands to have them fit right. They are so tight in the traps and shoulders, and never long enough.

now i have to buy large shirts but im getting pretty pissed because i cant afford to buy new clothes all the time.

hoodies are always XL now too.

how many times have you guys had to change whole wardrobes? i hate wearing clothes that are tight on me cause people think im like showing off my muscles which aren’t THAT big, although a little kid today said i was on steroids lol I’m only about 170lbs 5"10, i would rather just be noticably muscular in a normal fitting shirt.

i also find myself wearing more polos simply because htey are more comfy, i also dress bummier in general so i dont get stereotyped as a “meathead”. i would rather get to know people make friends meet a girl etc and after a few weeks them notice and be like “holy shit this guy is strong as an ox”. blah im ranting

anyways, clothes, sizes, lets hear some comments

Such is life. There was some threads about this awhile back; you may want to search them.

You’re 170 and you wear an XL? Shit…

I’m a big guy but my thighs have always been huge, so much so that I can’t wear jeans unless they are “relaxed” or “loose” fit and the pants I have to buy are usually 1-3 sizes bigger than my waist. But hey, better than having chicken legs right?

true, tis the price to pay and i only wear XL hoodies and sweats, mostly L shirts for now

I’ve found most of my clothes feel tighter, but XL at 170 and less than 6ft, hows that possible?

Eh, having to replace all your clothes is a good sign of progress and an excuse to start to dress better. This would suck if I had to wear suits to work, though, just because of the expense.

The main problem is with dress shirts - my upper body’s about the size of the average untrained guy but my neck’s over 17 inches already. So basically any shirt which I can button up is ridiculously baggy. If my neck keeps growing at this rate I’ll have to get tailored shirts.

According to his profile, he’s a 165 lbs student. I think his mom just needs to stop shopping for him in the boys department JC Penney.

I have also outgrown most of my pants. To make to problem worse I have all my fat on my butt and legs and none on my waist. Even relaxed fit jeans are tight for a few hours after I put them on.

And now that I have taken up BJJ I have noticed that my dress shirt collars are getting tighter and tighter. If this keeps on going to have to find a way to cut weight from my neck only (or buy new shirts, but that would cost a lot, and time is money)

[quote]2lb Monkey wrote:
I’ve found most of my clothes feel tighter, but XL at 170 and less than 6ft, hows that possible?[/quote]

Happens with me too, I weigh in at 185, and hoodies are generally XL, L for shirts.

I hate finding pants that allow my legs to fit, so generally I like shorts :-).

Just find shirts that are cut long and you’ll be all right. I like Polo myself. They are tapered and if you find the right size they fit really well.

They are long enough in the right size and cut to fit your body which shows it off with out making it look like you wear your clothes too big or too small.

T-shirts are more difficult to find. I usually wear Polo and Polo style collared shirts though so it’s all good. It’s been my experience that t-shirts will always look like you either dress baggy or too tight, especially around the arms and shoulders. I opt for too tight personally. I’d rather be labled a pompous jock than an eminem wannabee.

If replacing your wardrobe is too expensive, I guess Polo may not be a good choice. A generic brand that fits virtually identically is Sun River Essentials. They don’t have the little horse, but other than that you can not tell any difference and they cost around $10 rather than $90.

[quote]Loose Tool wrote:
According to his profile, he’s a 165 lbs student. I think his mom just needs to stop shopping for him in the boys department JC Penney.[/quote]

lol i live on my own dude, and im about 170 now with relatively low BF. im not complaining about how hyooge i am, im complaining about all my old shit doesn’t fit anymore, and it could be due to the fact that i just toss all my shit in the same thing at the laundromat and super heat dry them, they probably shrink a bit. large tshirts are a standard, XL in hoodies just cause thats how i like them to fit, and by no means am i dressing like a wigger.

on one side i love lifting, on the other hand i am horrifically poor, and having to buy 4 new pairs of jeans in one foul swoop is harsh.

also i am most developed in the upperback and posterior/lateral delts, and have a good shoulder to waist ratio. i like to “grease the groove” on lateral flyes with 35s when im at my apartment.

funny post though, i always appreciate a bit of teasing (seriously i’m not uptight)

I can understand having trouble with things fitting ‘well’, but 170lbs at 5’10, and your thighs are just so huge that you have trouble buying jeans? You’ll forgive me if I dont buy into that crap.

I’m 5’8/5’9, and 205-210 lbs. I wear a 48 jacket and a 33 pants. Need XL shirts for my back and shoulders, but then they’re too long and look messy (but I do it because the 'L’arge shirts are made for guys who think they’re ‘Large’, and apparently need the attention.

As much as I love lifting, I don’t love the “look at me!” attitude most gym idiots portray when they wear a shirt that they obviously know is too tight.
It’s like a chick dressed all slutty and revealing, complaining that guys keep staring, but she’s really not that hot -lol

You just have to laugh.


im 6’2 240ish. American Eagle’s size 38 are the smallest size that can fit my thighs when i wear something like a 34 or 36. Unfortunately they dont have 38x34 pants, so i have to order on line… phooey… i hate buying jeans (cargos are easy)

I went from 165# 5’10" to 195# 5’10", and both pairs of jeans I wore last winter dont fit at all now. They were a loose/comfortable fit when I bought them, but now they’re like licra. I wore them for the first time last week, and people were commenting left and right on how much of a douche I was that my pants were so tight. I also can’t wear most of my medium-sized tees anymore, I’ve moved to large. That sucks too, because a lot of my absolute favorite shirts from high school and the last 2 years of college are getting put in the back of my closet.

I’m guessing this is just the way it goes.


Well since everyone else is bragging, here goes. A new XL shirt fits fine. If it shrinks when washed, it goes to my workout shirt pile. I have many shirt that become too short or too tight. It looks like I borrowed from my wife’s drawer. I’m always stuck choosing XXL which are too long in the sleeve. Pants? Baggy or loose fit only. Otherwise I look like a guy from the 80’s.

I’m 6’6" 245 lbs (and I’m not hyuge). You say YOUR clothes are too short/small. you have no idea.

American Rag jeans are the only brand of jeans that fit and look right on me anymore. Those and maybe some from the Gap, maybe, but i have to get lucky and find a par of 36" inseam pants. (I just measured my thigh cold, and it was about 28", your thighs can’t be as big as mine, if they are good for you)

Shirts never fit. My arms are too long. My upper body is too long. Good luck finding a 17" neck by 37-38" sleeve dress shirt at the store.

You’re average height and 170 lbs. your legs can’t be that big. If you can’t buy pants that fit your thighs, then you must look ridiculous. :slight_smile:

[quote]Loose Tool wrote:
According to his profile, he’s a 165 lbs student. I think his mom just needs to stop shopping for him in the boys department JC Penney.[/quote]

JC penney rules. Where else am I supposed to find Jimmy Hendricks shirts for under $10?

I play in the 165-170 range at 5-6. Dude, you don’t need an XL T unless it’s Asian sizing.

I’ll find medium shirts to be either too tight, or tight.
Large is usually just right, and my arms never fully fill out the sleeves to make them tight either like a medium does. I wear large t’s and polo’s and medium/large short sleeve button ups, if the mediums are of the “larger” medium variety.

I’ve changed wardrobe only once between a 29 waist and 130lbs to a 33 Waist and 178 tops when bulking. I now have a 31 waist…so I do have my “fat” waredrobe, but the pants seem to be the hardest to find. People just don’t have ass meat in the world today anymore.

It’s flat bun, low rise gay / metro / homo shit in the stores nowadays.

I like the high waist baggy straight leg carpenter jeans…But I wear them around my waist, not hips and thighs like the Gay gank types. I also wear my hat straight. Slacks for work are jsut TIGHT in the ass and upper thighs. I sometimes get Mammaltoe if they are too tight. But I have to buy a 34 waist to make the upper part of the body fit.

Having odd fitting clothes is just one of the things that comes with the territory. I had a lot of clothes I really liked that fit in the 170ish range that I had to give away but it was a choice I made a long time ago. Most of my t shirts are about 2-3 dollars so there isn’t much emotional or monetary attachment to them.

Pants have to be a couple inches larger in the waist to accomodate my thighs but then again who cares? It’s just clothes and while you are growing you aren’t going to want to buy nice suits or tight leather pants or whatever it is you fancy, buy for function at this point.