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Someone had to post a Friends thread...I'll be the "gay" one.

I enjoyed the show, and thought the ending was just fine...I loved the line by Ross: "well, unless we're on a break."

So, were you one of the billions and bazillions who watched it?


nope..not a chance


I used to like it allright, but I think they broke the cardinal rule of sitcoms so many times by the end I was just glad they would stop playing the last episode ads. The rule: Sitcoms shouldn't take themsleves too seriously. Seinfeld is a perfect example of great sitcom.


True Story:

It was in the middle of my term as a traveling fraternity consultant. I started becoming a fan of Friends and was watching it all of the time. Since I was traveling, I was eating a lot of crappy food, putting on weight, never going to the gym, and was making excuse after excuse about my health.

Well, it was the season where Rachel got pregnant and Joey started taking a liking to her. I got more and more into it, wondering if they were going to have them hook up. I kept thinking, aww...look at Joey's soft side.

Well, I was all geared up to see the episode where Joey was going to confess his love. I generally had meetings at night, but I worked my schedule so I wouldn't miss it. The problem was, some idiot had to keep talking to me, dragging his meeting on and on. I ended up missing the first 20 minutes and was pissed as hell.

Over the next few days/week or so, I kept thinking about how it pissed me off. Then all of a sudden, I snapped to my senses. I remember sitting there and thinking, "what the hell is your proplem. When did your balls fall off?" It was like I had an epiphany - that I had become one big pussy.

Well, after my awakening, I absolutely renounced that show and have never watched a full episode since. Not even a re-run. I immediately began to read T-mag again and started to pull my diet back into control. So, in a real way, that guy dragging his meeting long saved me from Metrosexual Purgatory.

Who knows, if I had actually seen that whole episode, I might believe that Joey actually cared for Rachel as a person and not that he really just wanted to bang the hell out of her like a real, red-blooded T-man would.


they're all fags


"Then all of a sudden, I snapped to my senses. I remember sitting there and thinking, "what the hell is your proplem. When did your balls fall off?" It was like I had an epiphany - that I had become one big pussy."

i had the same realization when i was really getting into the OC, then my balls re-descended and haven't seen it since. at first i just watched it because i wanted to have sex with everyone (female) in the show and slowly got hooked. now i couldn't care less if the emo fag is fucking the prissy bitch, or the pretty boy is fucking the milf...


I don't know, maybe I have a soft spot, but I watched the finale, and I enjoyed the show. I didn't watch it religiously, but I occasionally would sit and watch it. Seinfeld was a good show but had an absolutely horrible series finale, but the Friends finale was ok, i guess. Not much different than any other episode.

I'm not much into tv anyway; I usually just watch sports and the Simpsons. But, Friends was the kind of show that both my wife and I could watch together, and I do like to spend time with my wife. So, personally, I think way to big of a deal was made of the series, but it was an ok show and it usually made me laugh.


I think those who place their manhood and personal identity with the liking or disliking of a TV show should probably check themselves.

Watching a show in no way says anything about your sexuality or prowess in the machismo department.

The show was funny, bottem line. At the same time, if you didn't watch it or find it funny, fine...it's called subjectivity.

But remarks like "they're fags" is just ignorant.

No need to turn a Friends thread into an argument, I'm just surprised - or, I guess not so surprised - by the ignorant attitudes people have about things like this..."Me Man, Me do things manly, only." Silly.





RSU, you're the one who came out saying 'I'll be the "gay" one' by posting a friends thread so you already knew what was coming. sorry if i offended your choice in viewing, i just never saw the whole allure of friends and it is my OPINION that it is a shitty/trendy show. if it makes you feel any better you can call me a fag for liking cartoon network


I wish I had some friends...


I always get a good laugh out of the show. And I don't care what anyone else says, Jennifer Aniston is fucking smokin hot.

I didn't get to watch the final show because "The Lance Cronicles" and "Road To The Tour" were on OLN at the same time, but I taped it for my wife so I'm sure I'll get to watch it one of these days.


I watched friends for a while but mainly because all of my actual friends watched it.... the girls in my old group of friends liked to characterize all of as as the people on their favorite tv shows... it was sad.. but I was a Joey/Chandler or Joler.

Btu if anybody calls Lumburjak a Fag for watching cartoons... then boy you are going to have to deal with me... cartoons reign supreme.



Lumberjack - you're absolutely right, I did make the assumption that it was coming, so it doesn't seem fair that I'd criticize it when it came. My bad.


I only ever liked one part of that show; Chandler making fun of everything and everybody. Then I guess I either got bored of him or the writers got lazy, either way his jokes got pretty lame. That and he got fat, just isn't right for fat people to make fun of anyone


The question still stands:

Does it hurt more to have a baby or does it hurt more to get kicked in the nuts?


The final episode wasn't a blockbuster, but it wrapped things up neatly--right down to dealing with the foosball table, the mention of a "break," and other self-referential moments.

Joey still had the best lines:
"Has this always been purple?"
"...with you and Rachel on different continents. (aside) Is that right?"
Chick, Jr. and Duck, Jr.

Now that it's gone, I only have "West Wing" and "Simpson's" to kill my evenings.


last nite's simpsons was surprisingly funny, they've been really sucking ass lately.

and it probably hurts more to get kicked in the balls while having a baby.


I watched it. I didn't watch the show religiously, but I got some good laughs out of it. I did think it was time for it to end though. BF usually watched it with me and even chuckled from time to time. So far he does not exhibit any desire to have anything stuffed up his butt, so it would seem he managed to have escaped with his heterosexuality unblemished in spite of repeated exposure to said "gay" show.