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Friends - The TV Show


I have been so unproductive lately thanks to this show. Youtube has like every season and I am being sucked in by it's addictive properties:
-Ross is the funniest on the show
-Jenifer Aniston is a real fox.
- The show is actually really smart in some episodes. I gurantee if you watch 3 episodes you will find some laugh out loud moments. Man I really do need to get a life. Haha. Or a Job??? (Other than the one guy I'm training.) Anyways,you all need to watch this show.


I think you're a few years late on this.


Just got page from 1994, they say welcome to the party......


Very good show though, I always liked it until I dated a girl who would only want to watch the dvd box sets when we hung out. I now get a half chub when "I'll be there for you" starts up.


You've never watched this before?

Veoh has 7 episodes on at a time, and regularly switches them out.


ross is the funniest?

i thought chandler and joey were the funniest wtf ?


As long as we can all agree that Lisa Kudrow sucks donkey balls.


Yes thank you!!! She thinks she is funnier than she really is.


If you like Friends, you should check out this new show called Three's Company.


okay chandler.


Could you be any more out of touch?


Stupid show.



Dangerously Hardcore.


If you're going to be digging into the past, check out old Seinfeld episodes. It's the funniest sitcom ever and I'm not saying that as my opinion. That's fact.


Oh indeed. I have the 6th season. Haha fucking Michael Kramer. I love that video of him performing at the laugh factory and almost getting his ass kicked by calling those two black guys.... well... you know.