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Friend's New Tattoo

there is a name for this style of cross design, she says its celtic… i don’t think so… opinion’s? I really want to win this argument lol

I wasn’t aware that celtic designs utilized crosses i thought their most religious symbol was the triquerta… anyway


(yaya she’s cute blah blah fuck that i’m 98% sure i’m correct)

is that the one that wants to be a stripper?


What does that say on the horizontal bar? Cesar? Cesar Gracie? Is she into BJJ or something?

Anyhow, a Celtic cross has a ring in the middle of it. This is not one. The Celtic cross isn’t actually a religious symbol, but rather a societal implement and cultural symbol. Apparently the Celts used the cross (in some manner unbeknownst to me) as a celestial navigation tool. It was kind of a predecessor of the theodolite.


I don’t get it. I like tats, but that just looks like a racing stripe or something. Is the one on the neck related to the other, or what?

She named her ass “Victoria” ?

looks like four hollowed out penises to me?

[quote]911 Girl wrote:
She named her ass “Victoria” ?[/quote]

now that’s funny

It’s a target for creamy fluid Xen.

Xen - you’re right, that is not a Celtic cross. Here is an example of what a Celtic cross typically looks like. Some more examples (and history) here:

Did ya bet anything???


[quote]deanosumo wrote:
It’s a target for creamy fluid Xen. [/quote]

either you forgot a comma or that’s just not funny.
I’m betting you forgot the comma.
Or are you saying Xen’s a real load?

[quote]911 Girl wrote:
She named her ass “Victoria” ?[/quote]

Guess you gotta call it something…

[quote]michaelv wrote:
911 Girl wrote:
She named her ass “Victoria” ?

Guess you gotta call it something…[/quote]

could you please post a pic so we can see if the name fits ? thanks.

that looks just like the tattoo on Sean Penn’s back in Mystic River…

maybe it’s an irish thing…those guys were all irish in that movie…

i’ve no idea. never seen that one as much as the celtic cross. anyway why would she get a tattoo if she isn’t sure what it is?

[quote]911 Girl wrote:
She named her ass “Victoria” ?[/quote]

I salute your caustic wit!


<all caps, screaming>Will someone please tell me what it says on that cross?!?!</all caps, screaming>


A cross with arms of equal length is considered to be in the Greek style. I don’t think that’s a particular cross.

Anyway, “Victoria Lipoma” is a nice name.