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Friends Kids Have No Boundaries..


Ok so here is the scenario.My partner and i are currently minding a house that very fukin spectacular!(owners are friends of friends)and loaded.So ive got my best mate and his missus plus there 2 kids 4 and 7yr old staying for the weekend,my girlfriend was nervous as the kids dont seem to have boundaries or much sense of respect when it comes to property)theyre own or otherwise.

So five minutes here theyve riffled the place toys everywhere im going ok i tell them that its not unky matts(thats what they call me)and they cant just run amok with the stuff explain that they wouldnt like to come home to there toys scattered /potentially trashed .so thisnornign i get up and theyve neen into EVERYTHING ie going into the kids bedrooms and into there cupboards heping themselves to fukin everything!! throwing stuff in the pool,etcc.. seriously its like every item that was in this house had to be investigated and played with or moved etc.FUK i dont even know which room the stuff they gathered belongs in as i had no reason to go into them.So im chasing the kids round all morning,beeing subtle and there folks are completely non plussed that there kids have gone thru the cupboards and got stuff out and strewn it around the place.itx as if they dont think its inapropriate for there kids to help themselves to whatever they like regardless that its not there home or ours.my partner and i dont have kids yet(not sure i want em after this weekend)so dont really feel comfortable telling my friends with kids that they are doing the w=rong thing.

so what do you guys think?i dont want to critique theyre parenting as i really have no right but i also was brought up to respect others property,which the kids clearly dont,and they are obviuosly not at fault...




Let's see: you're housesitting for someone and you allow a couple friends with children aged 4 and 7 to stay in a house that isn't yours and that you probably don't have permission to let your friends stay at...........and it's these kids and their parents who have no respect for other people's belongings?

Yeah, sure pal. 4 and 7 years old. Have you EVER seen a 4 or 7 year old kid? They're uncontrollable. If you are so empty in the brain pan that you didn't foresee anything like this happening when you invited two parents and their children over to a house that isn't yours, well.....there isn't much else to say.


Punctuation. Spacing. Non-Aussie speak.


Whoop their lil asses


managed to decipher the codex:

  1. Parents hate when people criticize their parenting style, especially when said people have no kids, so I wouldn't go there as it is not your business.

  2. Your friends being there with their kids, however, is your business if you were trusted to look after someone's house and your friend and his kids have nothing to do with the arrangement but were rather invited over for your own personal entertainment. In that cause, you really should just ask them to leave as said kids trashing the house IS your business. You aren't going to transform a 4 or 7 yr old overnight and if they are really causing property damage they gotta go.


Not true. Some kids are, but I know plenty of kids that are well behaved, including my own. Huge copout to simply throw your hands up and say "Well, nothin' I can do. Every 4 year old is uncontrollable."

The parents allow the kids to set the boundaries, when it should be the other way around. So, I can't blame the OP for having to deal with his friend's shitty parenting - that's not his fault.


While it may not be his fault that his friends are shitty parents, it is his fault for inviting them over.

As far as I can interpret, the OP wrote that his girlfriend was nervous about having them over because they knew the kids were out of control.

Yes, not all four and seven year old children have shitty parents, but the OP shouldn't have invited them when he knew this was the case. So yes, it is his fault.


Sure, there are a lot of kids who are just fine at 4 or 7. But in general kids can be hard to handle at that age and when you invite two of them into a house that isn't yours and they run amok, you have no one to blame but yourself. Don't like how the parents discipline/supervise their kids? Then don't invite them to places where their behavior could be a problem for you. That's a great way to get the parents to take notice and use a firmer hand with their kids: tell them they can't come over because their children are out of control and you will not be held responsible for their actions. And if you don't know anything about the kids in this respect, is someone else's home the best place to find out how well-behaved these kids are? No.


put the kids outside all day except for meal times and bed time. They cant do too much harm outside theyll wear themselves out pretty fast


Lock the doors, have a chat with you friends.

The only way through a problem is to deal with it directly instead of beating around the bush.


Practically word for word what I was going to say. Also the father of a well behaved 4 year old that's being taught respect.


This forum has become odd.


^^ agreed.


4 and 7 year old kids are extremely easy to handle because they are small and weak and therefore can't fight very well. I'm not a huge dude by any means, but I could probably successfully beat the holy hell out of, I don't know, 20 or so kids that age without much trouble.

They also can't hold their booze too well, so make some punch and that should knock them out pretty quick.


If worst comes to worst there's always Mexico.




People better start brushing up on their Spanish. Great idea, Cabrona!


I was thinking the same thing.

OP, if you don't know enough to directly talk with the parents, then I don't know what to say. It needn't be a difficult discussion, "hey, this place ain't mine, so can your kids play in ONLY this room and outisde? Also, they made a mess, can we clean it up together?"


Many kids (however good or bad their parents are) are always going to be disgusting little reprobates!

Most will grow out of it....eventually.