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Friend's Interesting Legal Situation

[quote]Scrotus wrote:
Thats why fighting should be encouraged. They would fight, one would win and one would lose and that is it. It also helps kids understand that actions have consequences and you cant just go shooting your mouth off to anyone you want without something happening. [/quote]

Actually, that would just teach kids that if they are capable of beating another person up, then they are allowed to do anything they want to that person.

Holy shit they just killed the robot on Alien!! What the fuck, is it made of splooge?[/quote]

Colored water was used for filming. Milk for the close ups.

I smell lawyers.

Business must be slow in Sue City.

Then again he was flicking the bean in a public place…isn’t that illegal enough?

[quote]Chris Adams wrote:
I always thought the order of progression was 1) Argue 2) Fists 3) Hitting with inanimate objects [/quote]

I prefer 3) Hitting with animated objects,
“Dude, leave me alone before I beat you to death with this Aardvark”