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Friend's Diet to Lose Weight...


Not really sure where to post this so yea..I was wondering if you guys can check my friends diet he's trying to lose weight so i made up a diet for him to follow . Here's some info on him.

He's 6 ,1 at about 230lbs(most fat of course..) his bf percentage is around 22 percent , and his calorie maintenence is supposebly 3200 calories. He wants to lose weight,fat , and get strong . I told him the begining for him will probably be just losing weight but he'll build some strength too.

Heres the diet:

Morning: Wheatbread with peanutbutter and whey protein - 730 calories

Snack:Water with raw almonds and a banana - 230 calories

Lunch:Brown Rice and Chicken,Beef,or Steak - about 900 calories

Snack: Raw Almonds - 160 calories

Night: some brocoli and baked potatoe with cooked chicken and whey protein - 600-700 calories

So he's getting around 2600-2800 calories a day. He told he's going to do 20 minutes of cardio every other day too and he works out with me 4 days a week.


For a basic weight loss diet for a guy who sounds pretty much sedentary, that doesnt look too bad, but do you know how the macros total up?

Also if he's just a skinny fat kid who isnt active, with adequate protein intake im sure he will gain muscle in the process. (assuming he wasn't eating stuff like this before)

Anyways, i'd be surprised if he didnt get some results from this diet.


It sounds weird but he's not skinny fat lol . He's actually fat but just not obese yet . And i didn't really take count of the macros . What do you suggest?


By skinny fat i mean if you took away all the fat he'd just be a skinny guy. You can be fat and still be jacked, but nothing's worse than skinny fat -- worst of both worlds.


Oh lol sorry for the ignorance .


IMO more protein less carbs, especially with the snacks. also he can keep the carbs limited to pre and/or post workout

20 minutes of cardio is nothing, to me at least. seems like a waste of a trip



swap out the wheat for another scoop of protein as a start


its a personal thing i guess but i always prefer solid food. more satiating for tubby guys like me and your friend :wink: