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Friend's BF Threatens to Shoot Me


I recently started working with this girl and she is pretty cute. Her boyfriend is a total loser however and everyone at work wants her to dump his loseer ass. He is a tall, skinny, stoner white boy who is like 22 with no job and isn't in college.

I became facebook friends with this girl and he has her password. I've met him in person and he never says anything to me. However, he talks shit like a badass over facebook using HER account. It never really bothered me though since i knew he was too insecure to ever do anything to my face let alone fight me.

Tonight he decided to send me the normal amount of fan mail, if you want ill post it. I replied like i normally do saying stuff like "ya im a total loser, cant even keep a friend. And im WEAK AS FUK". It was all good until he basically said he wants to shoot me.

I usually just laugh about what he says but i think that was too far. Now im thinking if he ever shows his face near me again im gonna break it. Im not too worried about losing the job since next week is my last day.

Im not exactly intimidating but im a blackbelt in tae kwon do, been in it for 4 years. Im 5'10 165 lbs, pretty skinny kid i know. But this guy is nothing, just wondering what you would do in this situation


Where do you live? Do you have a CCW permit? If so, carry your weapon, if he draws on you, kill him. Or talk to some police and see what can be done? I dunno.


I feel like there is no chance of him pulling anything, the kid is a BITCH and cant even say something to my face. I dont think carrying a gun at work is a good idea either. I just feel like i need to confront him now that he said something like that


Fuck his girlfriend.

Seriously.....how does your friend AKA his girlfriend react to all of this?? Just curious.


She calls him a total loser and says he disgusts her. Yesterday she said the only reason she is with him is that she is in love a little with him...she is no smarter than him.


post the fan mails, i want to see how retarded he really is


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Today at 5:21pm
ya im a total loser, cant even keep a friend. And im WEAK AS FUK

ok dude cook i really dont care peace out bye bye now

Today at 5:22pm
you do or you wouldnt have sent me a message

yeah u know ur right n if i were u i would shut my mouth bc u apparently dont know me very well

you're right again, im sure you're really tough. I usually dont argue with people who talk shit over the internet because usually they are way tougher in person

i dont need to be tough bc my piece will speak for me. u want to talk to my pistol

you're gonna fucking shoot me? real tough

thats where it ends


That's what I figured. Cut all ties with that girl. She's expendable...you're brains are not.

Are you really good mutual friends....or are really trying to give her your "cream of wheat?"


i would go with the 2nd option boss. Im leaving for college in 3 weeks and i have only known her for a few weeks. I really thought she was smarter until yesterday


You shouldn't be asking this cause you already know. But since you did, the obvious answer is to break his face with a kick. Cause c'mon, we all know tae kwon do guys can't punch. LOL.

But seriously man, carry a shank just in case. He's prolly not gonna shoot you so ask him to settle it like a man. And yeah, if you don't care much for the chick, fuck her before you cut your ties.


haha ill admit we dont punch much but when you get hit with a good back kick its like getting hit by a bus.


Maybe he is just a bitch, but are you willing to gamble your life on it? at 22 he can actually, yes, buy a gun. apparently you dont care about her either, so there's nothing to prove; just walk away.


Shit...I wouldn't waste my time....she's not worth the trouble. Antagonizing the BF doesn't help either....ignore him. Fuck that dude.....and I say forget about her,too. You're about to go to college...your "options" are about to expand,son.

Anymore than this,and you're asking for any trouble that may possibly come your way.

Three weeks? Man up and avoid the bullshit. Will that too hard of a task for you?? Where are you located?? If you don't mind me asking.


you're right but it just bothers me that someone is threatening me like that.


hahah this dude thats talkin shit you is a d-bag. seriously, just go up to him and shove im as hard as you can to the ground and get right into his face and be like "if you ever say another word to me again ill kill ya without a gun" at least thats what id do. but im also an asshole at times so....


i live in pbg FL big boss. Going to FAU for a bio degree


I want to be hit by your bus


I like this guys suggestion personally...


Hey,this is not the time...nor the place for your sexual advances,kk. Damn,freak.


FUCK.DAT.NOISE. You're about to be in a candy store of ass....FAU!?. GTFO :wink:

I'm serious....don't sweat that shit. Motherfuckers talking shit on Facebook is like being scared of dragonflies. BUT like I said,don't ask for anything you don't want to deal with. Ignore the dude(and girl)...don't agitate. Remember,three weeks.