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Friendly Fire Victim Treatment

4 years ago there was a blue on blue incident where a national gaurd piolot in an a10 tank buster killed 1 and maimed 3 British soldiers, despite the display of tages.

This was a tradgedy all round, but the most terrible thing is the US military’s refusal to display or initially even admit to the video evidence.

This was leaked and finally given to the coronor who is about to make his decision as to the cause of death (unlawful etc.)

The wife had to sit through this.

This kind of snow job is what makes the rest of the allied forces tar all US military with a brush that places them as gun ho, and a risk to them. This, i am sure, is not the case, but once the that is in place, then i is difficult to shift that idea.

Is it allways that the US military will hide these things? It does not aid the relations and in fact is device.

Didn’t the British Government also tell the family the tape didn’t exist even when they knew it did?

I believe that the MOD dtated that there was sensitive materials that would not be produced. Within that was the video, and this was because the US military deemed in sensitive in nature.