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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


Um, I’m not sure? I’ve got relatively short legs, so I’m guessing medium to short stride. At a guess, my femurs are longer than tibia/fibula. I’m 5’9". I know with lunges it’s my hips and glutes that feel it, and a bit in my hams. With rear foot elevated split squats it’s quads almost entirely.


Sorry stride length regarding lunges, not every day walking.
That’s interesting. Do your knees track over your toes at all during either lunges or split squats?


No, I meant lunges. I think I’ve got a long walking stride for my leg length. I don’t think my knees track over my toes on either split squats or lunges. They’ll be close to them, but I don’t think they go over.


walking lunges for me are much more posterior chain, particularly hamstrings.

Static lunges (done with weights, Smith, whatever) always feel way more quad which is weird because I take a really long stance.

Something about the dynamic nature of the walking lunges makes them more PC, in my case anyway…


@Yogi1 it sounds like I’m the only one here who feels mostly quad with walking lunges, which would make me the weird one.


Another slightly different challenge, 3 minutes straight on an incline smith machine press. You can rest as long as the weight isnt locked out or resting on your chest. I barely made it with a 25 per side.


lengthen your stride if you want more hip/hamstring, mate, although I’m sure you probably knew that already


It’s interesting. A longer step leads to more DOMS in my posterior chain, but during the set it’s almost my quads that provoke stopping first. Maybe they’re just poorly conditioned.


Hope people are ready for some fun challenges in the next few days. I have an ironmind sandbag, a big set of grippers, and the bigger size fat grips coming tomorrow. Prepare for some stupid forearm pumps.


that is interesting. How’s your hip/hamstring mobility?


Some tightness in my right hip, but nothing really infringing with tradtional squat mobility. I have been slacking on my hip movement and stretching work lately, I should pick it up again.
I can touch the backs of my hands on the floor during a standing straight legged hamstring stretch.


Hmm, I was thinking maybe if you had shitey mobility then maybe you wouldn’t be lunging out as far, but that’s clearly not the case.

I guess you’re just weird.


Not something I’ve done but it seems a cool challenge. I just saw on instagram Klokov doing a fat gripz deadlift challenge, as many reps as possible with 100kg double overhand and fat gripz obviously, in one minute. He got 32 somehow!

Here it is:


Hmmm… He got 32 so I think I’d scale the weight down to the bar and give it a try…

Lol, in all seriousness, I might give this a go as part of my conditioning next week.


I’ll try it with 185 and the bigger size fatgrips. I expect to fail miserably.


I am gonna try this with an axle tomorrow after my primary deadlift workout. Same weight. I will get some video.


For those that are in for the 225 overhead race,this is 40 kg / 88 lbs x 20 from yesterday.Camera died early though

Also,who’s in for a front squat amrap at 60% of our max?


Managed 26 reps in a minute with 226

2 reps were sketchy. I think in another session I could do better. Been a while since I did max reps in a minute; felt good once I found my rhythm.


Nice one, to say Klokov is an ex Olympian I’d say you did pretty good to almost catch him on a bad day.


Thanks dude. It was actually a decent day, but just out of practice. First time I’ve trained in the afternoon in a LONG time, and it was crazy how big a difference in made on performance, haha. I think if I was more willing to bounce the plates I mighta did better, but at the same time I probably woulda needed an even crazier grip to pull it off.