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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


Well, that was a quick race. Nice! Battle is on for second place.


Just listened to it with volume…sorry about the obnoxious breathing. My iPod died just minutes before this set, and now I find out that the charger isn’t working for it…


@littlesleeper you jerk. “Gave it a shot today”…hits a triple. I’m very jealous.


@Reed I feel way short. 415 for 15 and a half in wraps. I thought my head was going to explode. Took a little over a minute. I think I could get to 20 in under a minute in 3-5 months with some practice, but no clue how long it would take me without wraps. You’re a monster.


Nice man honestly. I remember missing it in wraps many times in wraps. Believe it or not I never hit 20 in wraps.


When I said race I didn’t mean run up to the bar and hit it lol


Did 154 lbs on z pin press today

Also did an easy 210 lbs x 5 wide grip barbell row and 110 lbs x 6 barbell extensions


@stronkfak Good work bud! Is that pin height around nose level? Was this done fresh or after some work? I’ll give it a go on my next shoulder focused pressing day.


A little different challenge today. Pick an exercise that you’ve been intentionally avoiding. Something that scares you a bit. Make it a primary movement for a while.
Mine is SLDL/RDLS in conventional stance. I haven’t done them consistently in 3+ years. I was worried they would aggravate an old injury I got trying to deficit snatch grip deadlift a good amount of weight like an idiot.
Hit 275 for 5 sets of 8 without a belt, and they went great! Low back pump but no pain, and a lot of good glute and hamstring work. Will slowly add volume and weight to these and see if they help with my conventional lockout.


Thanks bud

Yeap,it was around nose level
It was also done fresh,as my main max effort movement


holy shit! Nice lift!


I can’t bring myself to make them a main movement, but from this cycle onwards I’ll be incorporating single leg work after squats. Pretty much means rear foot elevated split squats, I’ll put something up if I do anything noteworthy. I think best so far is 15 per leg holding 50 lbs in each hand, so nothing much.


Do you prefer those over lunges? And as for lunges, do you prefer the walking or doing them in place? Is there much of a difference to you?


I’m not @MarkKO, but I hugely prefer walking lunges to stationary single leg work. Let’s me get in a bit of conditioning and balance work in with the leg training. Also they feel much more natural for me.

However, the trade off is the weight I use is probably less, and there could be less carryover to static strength movements (i.e. squats and deadlifts). Pros and cons to both.


Yeah I normally do walking lunges myself but it seems like with the walking lunges it’s more of standing straight up on the front leg, where as stationary lunges it’s more of a pushing backwards With the front leg while you’re coming up. Didn’t know if anybody with more knowledge than me had any 2 cents to put in about which one is a better movement


I know it’s probably splitting hairs, I’m just bored at work so I figured I’d get on and ask frivolous questions haha. On a related note, picking a weight for DBs and seeing who can get the longest distance on walking lunges seems like a pretty killer challenge. Or maybe a time challenge. I might get my 35 lb DBs and see how long it takes me to walking lunges around a football field


I love working thru minutiae, questions and feedback are always welcome here.
In my experience, stationary is an awesome way (at least for me) do to reverse lunges.
When I try to do rear leg elevated work getting balanced and hopping with 135-315 on my back felt really awkward. I never saw enough benefit to justify the potential consequence of falling on my face.

I’m all for some really long lunge challenges. My record is 1 mile with bodyweight, and a quarter mile with a couple of 50’s. No idea on time though, just tried to keep lunging until it was over.


That’s fucking nuts dude


Much, because I can actually feel them in my quads which I don’t with lunges.


That’s interesting, lunges fry my quads, and i only feel glutes and hams a couple days later. What’s your stride length like? Height, Femur length in relation to tibia/fibula length? Lol, I’m always interested in looking for trends in these sort of things.