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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


Just did
Low bar squat 374 lbs low bar squat x 1
Hyperextensions 176 lbs in plates x 6
Shrugs 396 lbs x 10 I could probably do more if I wasn’t that fried,but who does shrugs fresh anyway?I’m still far from brady’s 25 reps but I’ll get there hopefully by the end of this year


415 belt only for 20 in 55 seconds


Holy cow sir @Reed . If we scratch the time cap for my wimpy self I’ll give it a shot. I’ll probably be in knee wraps though.


I’ll take a piece of that action.


What the…?

I’m not sure I could do 100yards overhead with a 60lber let alone a 120lb db! Seems to me you should be able to OHP a lot more.


@littlesleeper I know right? It’s pretty sad. Maybe I’ll post a video of my OHP, to find out if I have some crazy form flaws I’m not noticing.


I’m definitely not the person to give advice on form by any stretch, but my overhead press is closer to the 215+lb mark and I don’t think I could hold a 120lb DB overhead for any longer than 10 steps or so. I only own up to a 60lb DB (home gym problems) but I’ll take it out for a walk tonight and see how bad the suck is.


@littlesleeper try a db in each hand, even if the weight ends up lighter than 60 lbs each. It makes it really hard to breathe, which is great.


Did you have 120lbs in each hand? or 60lbs each hand? I may have pictured this wrong, I was picturing you with a 120lb db going for a waiter’s walk for 100yards.


One hand, 120 lbs, waiters walk. I was offering you a very uncomfortable alternative since you had access to less heavy dumbbells.


Ok, understood. That’s impressive. :muscle:


@littlesleeper I’ll trade you that for your overhead press lol. The hardest part is the turns, the stretch of turf I use is only about 15 yards long


Ya, as suspected, these were not easy. I’m not sure how you did it with the 120’s, I’m even more impressed after giving them a try. I did my 60lb DB (homemade concrete circus DB looking thing with a 2" handle) for ~60yards with each arm and that was PLENTY. I did 3 rounds of 60 yards each hand, then a 85lb sandbag carry for the same 60 yards (30 each way - 1 turn).

But it was a fun one, so I’ll likely start adding these in once in awhile as I feel like even with the light weight I’ll be getting some good shoulder benefits from these.


Although my overhead isn’t progressing as fast as I would like, the waiter walks have made me more steady at the top of a press and my shoulders feel significantly “healthier” in both lifting and everyday activities.


@yogi @MarkKO front squat race it is. I’m horrible at front squatting, I’m a very hip and low back dominant squatter. So front squats will probably serve me well.


@Yogi1 @brady888 @MarkKO

Most I’ve front squatted is 264 lbs,so I’ll be going after 315 lbs,but still,I’m unofficially in too


Makes sense @stronkfak got to get 315 before 400


Today I did 175 lbs x 7 on front squats.My lower back was too fried for anything more.I’ll keep focusing on reps there,chasing a 220 lbs x 8-10 reps after my speed or rep work on regular squats.I’ll use some front squat variation as a max effort here and there,but not too often

I think this challenge will work wonders for my squat,as my front squat was always weak

Also I did 175 lbs x 75 reps on wide grip shrugs


Going to match Reed’s rep count with 415 today, probably won’t match his pace though. Plus I’ll be in wraps, but it’s the thought that counts riget? Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.


Gave it a shot today.