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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


I stopped even thinking who’s natty and who’s not a long time ago.I don’t buy programs or suppliments based on someone’s physique or strength,so it’s really useless to me.Kali Muscle could walk up to me and claim natty and I’d be like ‘‘k whatever’’

Also,for a weird reason,the moment I wrote ‘‘a long time ago’’ this came to mind.I’m a mess


@brady888 no offence taken at all. Capping probably is the right word, I’d just always thought of it in terms of limiting at an arbitrary number rather than until I’ve got one (or sometimes two reps) left.


Don’t worry it didn’t come across like you were.


Got 451 lbs for nine. The tenth stapled me. Video to come.


Son of a gun. Getting real now. I’m gonna take 405 with reverse mini bands on saturday. I’m gonna shoot for 15+. That’ll show you lol


Here it is, starts around 01:20

Also, here’s 50x132 lbs hack squats


Haha beauty, I honestly don’t know how you didn’t get the 10th rep with your jam playing in the background :wink:


Yeah, I was surprised/disappointed. My back just told me that it was shutting up shop. I kind of knew it on the ninth, but last week my penultimate rep felt similar and I managed the last one so I threw the dice.


No video, but 24 reps on a push press with 135, 60 second time limit.
Also +90 dips for a set of 21.


This was not my own accomplishment, but one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in competition recently was an axle clean and press at 215 lbs for 21 reps in a minute in my weight class (under 200 lbs). I got 8 I think.

Side note, I squatted 495x2 in sleeves last night. Think that was a PR. Certainly a recent PR.


On a side note,anyone up for a race to 225 ohp?I currently stand around 150-155


You’re on! Lifetime best is 203 lbs, I’m around 200 lbs currently.


My strict overhead progresses sooooooooooooooo slow. Best is 170. Maybe I’ll start something silly like pressing 3 times a week in an attempt to catch up with @MarkKO.


Pull aparts and incline pressing @brady888


Couple fun ones from today

120 lb dumbbell overhead for around 100 yards
10 minute walk with a 60 lb dumbbell, switching hands as needed
200 unbroken band pull aparts with a mini band


Set of 50 with 315 shrugs


I think I do more pull aparts than anyone @MarkKO. Maybe seated overhead and incline are the answer though. I did hit 185 for a single on seated overhead which is probably a PR, as it’s never been a lift I’ve practiced or done consistently.


Just did 137.5 lbs Z press and missed the 143 cause I didn’t braced right at the start of the movement
Also did skullcrushers with the 40 lbs dumbbells for 2 sets of 6 and 1 arm t bar row with 4 plates(with loose form duuuuuh)

Shrugs tommorow either going after brady’s 4 or 3 plate sets


Close grip (pointer finger on rings) decline press, 205x27


No way I’d come close to that right now.

How about a race to a 400+ lbs front squat? I’m at 363 lbs:

Not even close to 385 lbs yet though.