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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


Hard to tell, but there is a 45 lb plate strapped to my back

Also may have set a (other than wrestling) sweat PR.


Got scolded about recording, sorry about the angle.
425 for 10 (about 85%)


@littlesleeper hit 225 for a set of 50. Lot of breathing in between but no racking. Gonna cry now



And you said you suck at reps. Nice!


I got 7 decent reps on Deadlift with 80% of my true max today, I've no idea whether this is a lot or a little but I put a lot of effort into it.


@MarkKO Today was the most miserable squat session of my life. Thanks for the extra push for the PR's.


@brady888 glad I could help. Squats for reps are horrible. It's not like DL where you know when you're done, with squats you can keep going and going depending how miserable you want to get.

I like that. It's satisfying once the nausea is over.

Mine is tomorrow. I was going to shoot for eight, but now I'm hitting 10 unless I think I'll hurt myself.


The effort is what matters. It's a fair amount, though. My best in that range is six or seven.


I don't blame you for capping at a reasonable number. Don't know what happened to my 300x26 video, but they were getting really nasty near the end. It was basically an eccentric squat followed by a concentric goodmorning.


I don't cap really. I just keep going until I'm not confident it's safe, or until I'm sure I'll fail. Squat is probably the one lift where I'll really push.


Just got 9 reps with 85% of my max for bench, I was very close to failing. Although that set puts my 1RM up 7kg so I don't know if it counts.


If you do wendler and use,let's say 90% of your max,to find what is the true % you used do 90%X85%=0.90X0.85%=0.765=76.5%

Anyways,a pr is a pr,congrats bro


I wouldn't worry about it bud. My PR set of 10 on squat probably isn't my 85%, but I sirr thought it was before the set happened lol.


No insult meant by capping, I meant what you clarified as sure it would cause injury. I was dumb and was sure that reps 8-10 wouldn't happen though. I just went down and somehow it kept moving.


Cool thread.

My only real input here is that I looked up this Alphadestiny guy. He looks like dog shit. I don't know why anyone would listen to him, given the fact that he seems to be all about aesthetics. But whatever. Sometimes you gotta set the bar really, really low, I guess.....

Eric Bugenhagen is legit strong, but if you think he's natural, you're not very smart.

And these ultra-high rep sets Brady's doing are ridiculous. Fucking 225x50. No way. I've done 365x20, but probably couldn't get more than 30 out of 225. Because death.


@flipcollar Lol, I vomited profusely and my legs are quite tender today. I am 100% sure you could get it for 50. It probably took me 6-7 minutes. The last 10 reps or so were singles with 10 or more deep breaths in between.


Before I started wendler I worked up to a 5RM which I use as my training max and also used that to calculate a 1RM so that's where I got 85% from but this set puts my calculated 1RM 7kg higher. Not very accurate I know but I don't want to test for a 1RM right now and still wanna take part in the thread.


I think all YouTube fitness personalities are silly. It's gotta be really hard to find a way to stand out. I do love me some cheat rows and shrugs though.


Of course man.I didn't try to be an asshole or anything