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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


Yeap.I’ve been following Alex since 2014 or so

I started training my neck due to his advice.Same goes for ohp


you guys honestly watch videos by a kid who calls himself “alpha destiny”?


Honestly I love the info he puts out there



Also did a couple other silly things, like a 3 minute walk with 5 lb dumbbells held out straight out at the top of a side lateral, 3 minute walk with 2 30 lb dumbbells overhead (so much harder than carrying one dumbbell, honestly one 80 lb dumbbell was considerably easier) and an unbroken set of 126 pull aparts with an elitefts mini band.


I know I only lift tiny weights so don’t make fun. :persevere:
My 1RM on squats is 140lbs so 50% is 70lbs. I am doing 5/3/1 for hargainers( well, half assed). Had to do the Windowmaker set anyway so just went ahead and did the AMRAP. Ended up with 23 reps at 75lbs. Close enough :grin:


I’ll have to trust you that it’s good then. I suppose it’s not very open minded of me to judge him entirely on his name.

I’m pretty jaded with the whole online fitness celebrity thing these days anyway. My girlfriend’s instagram feed is all fitness chicks and I dunno, man. You’ve seen one; you’ve seen them all.


high rep squats are about the most brutal thing you can do so well done!


Great work bro.I’ll go after that on Saturday

Same goes for @brady888.Nice work on those pushupsI’ll try to beat it asap

@Yogi1 I see what ya say,but what he promotes is far from that.He promotes full body conjugate training focusing on shoulders,traps,neck,forearms, .upper back and glutes to look massive while staying at 15-20%bf
hope I don’t sound like a fangirl here lol


I’ll try to do all 3 on the same day. 85%, 50%, and 225. It’s gonna be rough.


This is a dope thread. You’re all animals


bw chins x 31…definitely have more in the tank but just wanted to put a score on the board haha


@kleinhound and you’re a bastard. Thirty one?! #@$% me dead. I’m not getting close to that for maybe five years. At least.


I suppose in five years I might be getting close to your squats, so we’ll be about even mate haha.


Hey guys, last night my training partner had the great idea (sarcastic) to throw 225lbs on the bar and try to get 50 reps of back squats in the least amount of sets, resting MAX 30seconds between sets (we were strict with these).

15reps (30s rest)
12reps (30s rest)
10reps (30s rest)
13reps (30s rest) <- This set REALLY sucked, but there was no way I was leaving 2-3 reps for another set.

13reps (30s rest)
8reps (30s rest)
7reps (30s rest)
7reps (30s rest)
7reps (30s rest)
8reps (30s rest) <- A max effort set here for sure.

These sets had us lying on my cold, hard, concrete floor afterwards to collect our thoughts!

And, I am feeling the quads this morning.

These weights equate to ~50% of our max lifts (a little less than mine and a little more than his). 225lbs was easy to set up and saved changing weights.
Give 'er a try!


Counted to 32, sadly only 31. Counting is hard.


Just for you, bud. Bit of leg drive and no pauses


Looks like I’ve picked the wrong fight here lol

Strong as fk mate.I’ll come back at you with some 20+ rep shrugs asap


Also did a set of 75 with 225, but my super high quality camera set fell over.


This was after a lot of other work, but I feel like some people could hit stupid numbers. Let’s set the bar here.