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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


Although the percentage based amraps is a great idea to make more people participate in this thread.Maybe after this we should give it a try


Duuuude, nobody should hate themselves this much.


+160 for 3 and +45 for 15 on pull ups
Miserable back raise set. Last time I used an elitefts mini band. This time started with a light band and 50 lbs. Dropped to a 25 lb plate and the band. Then failed at getting more reps.


I think the percentage of 1RM is a good idea for people like me that can't even move half of your 1RMs but want to participate.
I definitely wanna have a AMRAP competition with some random weight, I find stuff like that really fun. I remember about a year ago before I could even squat like 60kg I did a thing for a few weeks where I'd pick a random number between my max and the bar weight on a random number generator, round to the nearest 5 then go for AMRAP with it, maybe we could do something like that with percentages instead?


The goal (at least to me) of this thread is to get people outside of their comfort zone and work hard. As long as you're working hard, I'll work hard with you.


Ok,so,people,let's state a percentage and get this thing going


Why not both? I'll do 225 against your 220 because America.
For percentages, let's start with something silly. How about 50% of 1RM?




Can we do higher percentage for reps too? It's my 531 week next week, how about around 85% for reps? What with TMs and stuff that's what I'll be close to.


My squat is around 360 pounds so my 85% is around 308.Recently I did it for 5.Break it and I'll come after you at some point


I'll be hitting that Friday next week: 95% of my current TM, which is around 85% of my true max.


Just did 22 reps at 220,so you most likely won
My stupid core gave up first,so I'll work the living sht out of it for the next 2 months and come back at 220 aiming for 25-30 reps

Percentage wise this was around 60 % of my max

Next time I'll do 175 pounds on high bar squats with is around 50 % of my high bar max


Tried AMRAP body weight press ups and got 20 with full lockout and chest to the floor. Probably be really easily beaten but the main thing about the thread is it pushed me to try AMRAP which I wouldn't have done otherwise.


Good work fam.Just saw in your log that it was after some work,so you could probably do even more fresh


Thanks mate, I'll work on them and hit 30 soon hopefully. Thank you for checking out the log too.


Thinking I might put up a hack squat one after squats. They kill me, so it'd be fun.


I'll go after a 600 lbs cheat shrug for 3-5 reps before 2017.I know most of you think that cheating is stupid but they help my traps grow like nothing else and do not affect my core at all.Now I am probably at 400 x 10.Traps get stronger super fast that's why I've set such a big goal

If anyone interested like this and I'll make sure to start filming my shrugs mroe often.If not I'll probably won't that much


No such thing as cheating for growth IMO. I'm experimenting with hack squats and it looks like very short ROM might be what hits my quads best.


My views on good form is
-minimizes the chances of you getting hurt
-hitting the muscles effectively
As long as those 2 are in check you are good to go

I used the term cheating to give people a breif idea of what I'm talking about

Here's an example of what form I use


Have you guys seen Eric Bugenhagen or alpha destiny on YouTube? They both swear by cheat rows and shrugs and they've got two of the best backs I've seen on natural lifters. I'm going to start incorporating some of it into my own training as long as I can make sure I actually contract the target muscle.