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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


100 total reps with double body weight (370 for me) on a low handled trap bar, straps, no belt.Took a pinch over 30 minutes. Did triples at the top of each minute.


That’s piqued my interest. I’ll see if/where I can fit it in.


I was hoping for some silly DOMS, but I feel nothing but slight forearm fatigue and a little tightness in my lower back. I’m very disappointed.


Lol, you #sonofabitch :areyoukiddingme:


This is my first post. I feel too embarrassed to ask someone to film me. :). But, as a 62 year old male, 5’10" and 225 with both hips and knees replaced due to arthritis, I can dumbbell flat bench 100x12-110x8 and 120x6 (x2). My club only has db’s up to 120. I haven’t done barbell benches for 3 months but it was 315x3. I also need a right shoulder replacement due also to arthritis, but have been getting cortisone shots which really help. Great forum ftw.


17 reps on a trap bar deadlift, low handles. Straps, no belt.


Empty bar? Noob.


490 lbs for the set of 17. Not editing to remind myself to read before submitting.


Wow. Very nice, I’ll bite my tongue.


You should know by now @brady888 ain’t right in the head…:joy: (I mean that in a nice way :grin:)


Oh, I do. “What kind of person does that to themselves?” runs through my head after most of his posts.


Exactly! Who da hell reps 490 lbs?


Hahah my Bar weighs 80 lbs, so it makes the loads a bit silly. Besides, it was more of a rest pause set, just not unstrapping or getting off my feet. Probably took somewhere between a minute and a half and two minutes.


@littlesleeper you made my day, that’s probably the highest compliment you could give.


Moved a 700+ lb piano up a flight of stairs that was literally 3 inches wider than the piano. I balanced it on my back while crawling on all fours while two guys steadied it from the top and bottom. Was too narrow and center weighted for them to lift much if anything.
Counting this as a PR.


@brady888 @ChickenLittle @littlesleeper I might play with this trap bar for reps during my deload week. Not sure what the bar weighs, so I’m thinking I’ll just load it up to what would be 500 lbs if it was a straight bar and go from there.


You’re my f’ing hero.


A trap bar might be on my list of next home gym additions.


I like the trap bar but I think if you have farmer’s handles there is no need for a trap bar. Your money might be better spent on other equipment. I mainly use my trap bar for carries and I really like it but as said farmer’s handles are the go to for that.


I really want a trap bar. I can definitely see one in the future for me. Of course, I don’t need you can load a 1000 lbs on, but I have my eye on a girly one.