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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


Many people report the same stuff,so I’ll try it for 3-4 weeks and see.If I notice my back gives up way to early I’ll do 1-2 sets heavier sets of front squat and then take Paul Carter’s suggestion and do some front squatting on the smith machine


I do an upper lower,so frequency is there.The reason I do not front squat twice per week is cause it’s just a side goal


Just out of curiosity really how long have all you guys been lifting seriously for? I don’t think this counts as derailing the thread, it can be a competition who’s lifted longest lol.
I doubt I could even pull 100kg double overhand once with a barbell yet but give me about 3 years and I’ll give it a go.


Too long for the weights I use…


Since 1978 or 1981, depending upon your definition of ‘seriously.’

Relatedly, the life-cycle of a weightlifter can be defined by the questions he’s asked:
Noob level: Do you lift weights?
Intermediate: How long have you been lifting weights?
Over-the-hill: Do you lift weights? (Or, Didn’t you used to lift weights?)


Seriously to get stronger since mid 2014. Seriously for kettlebell sport early 2012 to mid 2014. Started training in mid 2010.


Lifting casually since 2008, started training seriously and consistently Jan 1, 2015.


It’s interesting to see the different time scales. I keep getting more serious about my training and feeling like the old stuff doesn’t count. On one hand I don’t know if it’s to make myself feel good about not being strong but on the other I used to legitimately think benching and curls basically everyday would get me massive and I was training really hard. I think now the lifting side of things is great (5/3/1) but there’s more to be desired when it comes to nutrition, recovery and conditioning.


I only lift sarcastically.

I have lifted for parts of the last ten years. I usually have a 3 month period of 4/5 times a week, a 3 month period of once a week and a six month period of nothing. I lack consistently. This year has been my best, by far, I had a 3 month period where I was doing 70+ hours of work and only got in about once a week but other than that I have probably averaged 4 days a week. The results are obvious.


Front Squat 400 update:

Did FS for the first time in about a year and remembered how much I love the lift, I am a quad dominant squatter, I have no idea why I ever went away from them.

I worked up to a pretty tough 365 and then got crushed by 385, I think 405 could fall by the end of the year!


I’ve been lifting weights in some manner since 1999. I was 14 then. My attention was split between lifting and wrestling/martial arts until 2007, and even then I was more just screwing around in the weight room versus doing anything super serious. In 2007, I hung up the gloves and pursued lifting as my main interest. Got into powerlifting in 2011. Got into strongman in 2013.


This X10000000000000


Ohp 225 update

Today I did 132 lbs x 5.Super happy about that.I think getting that to 8-10 reps,which will translate to a 170 lbs ohp give or take is a matter of 3-4 months.Still far from the 225 ohp but it should go down until March 2018


I’ll take some of that front squat action. I’m on deload next week so I’ll give it a shot then. I haven’t done any since May, so it’ll be interesting.


I didn’t place the bar right,so I did a miserable 13 reps back then,so go ahead and destroy me with ease


My latest back injury I think has pretty much taken me out of the running for the front squat thing…


Man, I’ll get in on this race to 315 with you! My current front squat PR is 275lb. And to be honest, a 315 front is something I’ve been eyeing for a while now. Going to bring Front squat back into the mix in the beginning of December.

EDIT I think that’s the most I’ve ever used the word “front” in a short paragraph.


I’d say that I’ve been training since around when I began logging here in 2014. I’ve been working out, however, for a little over a decade off and on.


It’s on



Did this today. First I worked up to a new 3RM of 225…I had not done front squats since May…and I topped out at 185 for 3 back then.

Given my newly acquired 3RM, I guestimated 60% to be 135. So I did 135x13. I left some reps in the tank too, so I shortchanged myself.

I might give this another go in a few weeks.