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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread


@T3hPwnisher that was so stupid. I struggled to HOLD 225 with the red fat grips.
Also, had a wonderful experience filling my sandbag. I had to pick it up on the dune I filled it from and took three attempts to get it into my truck. It was incredibly miserable.


@stronkfak went for 165 on a z press, missed it halfway up. Surprisingly, (at least to me) the top set and the volume work after was really similar in weight to my normal strict press. Did you see something similar or am I broken?


My Z press is 10-20 lbs away from my ohp,I cannot tell you the exact difference cause I haven’t tested my regular ohp in a while.I think they get further and further apart as you get stronger and stabilizing the weight really becomes an issue on Z press possition



Well, I managed 22 or 23 with about 60kg…


*Last like 10 got cut off for some reason…


14-15 seems to be the initial point of dropping for all of us. Weird how that works out.

@brady888 You end up pulling any reps with a lighter weight?

Good stuff folks.


Forgive me for asking these old questions again.

Do all your plates and collars fit on those axles?

What are you using for timing your rounds? Did I hear a metronome?


All my bumpers and standard plates fit on the axel no problem. I just use “the round and workout timer” app (android) on my phone when I need to time stuff. It lets you setup rounds and rest times. It’s great for this kind of stuff.

All my collars fit too.

I was just using some muscle clamps (MuscleDriver) in the video, which obviously fit.


Zero issues with plates fitting. Using the Ironmind Apollon’s Axle and Rogue HG clamps. Was using an app called “Interval Timer for HIIT”


Thanks guys. I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out how to use my phone’s timer.


My fucking hand keeps cramping, lol. God damn it. Every time I click my mouse at work my middle finger spasms… What did ya’ll get me into!


How is that race to 400 fs going for everybody? My BS is mid 400s right now but I haven’t done an FS in probably a year, most I ever did was mid 300s. I am going to see how much I can get tonight.


Well the double OH grip axle deadlifts sure did kick the crap out of me, but I did a lot better than expected.

EDIT: I apologize for the horrible video quality. Poor basement lighting and a crappy blackberry for the vids.


Jeez that was tough. I did thumbless double overhand and my forearms and grip went out at 12. Just for fun, I did it with a mixed grip and got 21


Man, 14 seemed to be the magic number again. How weird, haha. Good stuff. I was sucking wind pretty decent while it was all over.


@T3hPwnisher I decided to save the reps for another day after feeling demoralized. What is your best mixed grip pull? Are your hands just infinitely stronger than mine? I’ve pulled in the 6’s from blocks without issue but double overhand stuff kills me.


Personally I aim for a 308 lbs front squat
I haven’t started yet,starting tomorrow I’ll do a block of high volume,where I’ll be front squatting once per week for 5 sets of 10-20 reps for 2-4 months,and depending where this get’s me I’ll short my training from there.Ideally I want to be at a 220 lbs x 10-12 reps after some easy low bar squatting


Ya, that is weird. I wonder if it has something to do with glucose breaking down into ATP?


Generally speaking when doing high front squats, your back will give out on you before your legs. Any time I try and do more than 8 my back and my hands start cramping hard and I find it hard to keep my elbows high.


You need to increase the frequency rather then volume for faster gains in strength and muscle


I only ever pull mixed grip in a powerlifting meet. Last one for me was 2012, with a 601 pull. I have been pulling mixed grip singles with the axle at 456, but haven’t been going for a max; just getting better at that weight, since I will be pulling it in a show.