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Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread

Seriously, you need to put some wheat germ oil on that, or at least coconut oil.

To me they are battle scars, signs of my effort. I have no interest or desire in impressing people with unmarked skin.

lol that is awesome!!

I don’t know abour prevention but you can’t do anything against stretch marks once they are there. I have asked two skin-doctors (forgot the term) out of curiosity and both were certain. They will eventually lighten up and get less visible over time.
I actuaply don’t mind them too much and I have a lot on my upper body.

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710 lb trap bar deadlift, high handle. Going to bring in some bands and tape and shoot for 800 soon. Seems like these plates are thicker than the old fashioned metal ones.


What the actual fuck?! I have no words.

I really need to best your 17 reps on the 27th to save what little face I have left.

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530x10, after 2 singles at 710. Think I have more in the tank.

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You’re not making me feel much better


@MarkKO there’s only one lift I excel at. You’re in my world now :grin:

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My only consolation right now is my squat. I shall do my utmost to reach 600 lbs before you do :smile:

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@MarkKO measure the diameter of your ankles. Then realize that mine are 8.5 inches around. I have bird bones. 600 lb squat is probably waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off in my future.

You would be surprised man.

I wear a size 8 shoe
Ankle is 8.6" around
Wrist is is just a literal hair below 7" around

I am a bird especially to be 5’6 225 lol


Lol, color me quite surprised. You do have about 40 lbs on me though, that’s the part I’m missing. I’m planning out a crazy high volume off season starting in June to hopefully have me at least breaking 200 lbs for the first time in my life.


I’m a size eight and 5’9", with fine wrists but fairly thick ankles.

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It’s okay, Reed already called me out for being a whiner. I’ll just need to hurry up and squat 600+ after my next competition lol


Sorry but I just has to show it off :grin:
Look what my mom got me for Christmas!


@brady888 you now have bragging rights. I didn’t even make it to the gym to try the trap bar. The back of my body is still beat from Friday and I want to use the holidays to get some good recovery. I’ll have a crack at it some other time.

Anyway, excuses excuses and I take my hat off to you sir.

Sad day. Hopefully Reed and T3hpunisher come through with some crazy numbers. I’m sure some extrinsic motivation will help with that level of discomfort.

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Is the weight 530 now?

No, 550 will be fine. @MarkKO had just mentioned wanting to put up reps with a weight similar to one I had posted in my log.

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