Friendly Competition/Challenge Thread

I really like competition. Since changing gyms recently, I no longer have a training partner to push me.
While not necessary, it often makes training more fun and interesting.
The goal of this thread is to post a video of any exercise and challenge others to beat it. I’m mostly thinking somewhat higher rep sets as there is already a PR thread, but anything is welcome and appreciated. I’ll try to put up a video or two this afternoon.
Let the games begin!

Is this what your looking for … I dont know how motivational you will find it.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking of! Good set. I may need a slingshot or something similar, but I’ll try to match or beat that on my next pressing day.


Best I could do, but you definitely smoked me. My butt is at least 2-3 inches in the air and I have assistance. You’re a stud!

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Does this include lifts like shrugs,glute ham raises,rows ect?Cause I love going for rep prs on such movements

Everything and anything is fair game. Anyone who posts a video, I will try in some way to match it lol

I’ll bite. At 0:56 sec

After watching your bench it will probably be easy but here are tate presses with the 65 lbs dumbbells for a set of 6

I may need to wrap my knees because I’m probably the worst “rep” squatter of all time, but I’ll give it a shot.

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I don’t know man, my triceps are pretty pathetic. Give me a day or two to recover from that pressing day and I’ll give it a shot

I used to think that until I started doing reps.

That probably hits the nail on the head. I havent done much reps with squatting, so no wonder I’m not very good at them.

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20 years ago maybe…

I tried after about 15 pressing working sets, and I barely hit 55’s for 6. I’ll need to try again a bit more fresh.

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I seemed to have lost my video. I tried to one up you with 455 but failed on the 6th. Dropped to 405 and failed on the 8th. Maybe I’ll break out the 2.5’s and just try to match you lol.

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Still decent, especially if you’re not into reps.

I’m pretty sure reps are exactly what I need, both to improve my form and to fill out my frame. Plus I think doing 405 or so for 10+ reps weighing around 180 lbs may finally help me start feeling a bit strong.

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I can see how that would work, yes. Even 360 lbs for 10+ would be very respectable to start of with.

Good shit in here…!

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Throw something up man! I was hoping for this to be a place for everyone to post sets that were hard work and challenge each other rather than me attempting to take on the whole of T-Nation lol