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Friend Wants to Fly Around Europe

A bizarre friend of mine has the project of taking a plane to Europe and from there visit all the countries he feel like visiting at the time when he will be there. He has saved a LOT of money for this and he has all he needs to live in a casual backpack (not the kind of geartech backpack with straps that screams tourist) the size of a small school bag.

He doesn’t have any career yet and he plan to resume school later. Also he has a few months of expedition experience in the north of Qc, I saw his stuff (clothes, etc) and it’s very well-thought and functionnal.

I think he has balls but I am kind of perplexed about his project. I know lot of people travel but this guy has zero plan. He will go wherever he feels like when he will get there. really romantic

what do you think about that T-Nation (other than not caring)

and no this is not some sort of parody of S4L thread

I definitely think he needs to make a plan.

I’ve been overseas 4 times since I graduated highschool (June '09) and if I didn’t have a plan as to where I was going and staying… I would’ve totally gotten lost every time.

Plus he might want to find out how crossing borders will be… assuming he will do it on foot.

And also, do you mean he will take a commercial flight? Or he will personally fly a plane there himself?

If you could provide more details it would be helpful… but if that’s all the details… then I am perplexed as well.

He’s going to want to have somewhere to stay every night… otherwise I think something could go terribly wrong.

I’d say go for it.
Adversity is party of life.

I think he should just get some apples and sit on a park bench. That’s only if you can’t find any halal restaurants.
Wait, which thread is this?

I think it’s an awesome idea. I went to Europe for 3 weeks last year. I had a couple of ideas of where I wanted to visit but most of it was winging it. I wasn’t always 100% sure where I was sleeping or where I was going to go next. I would ask people what they thought was a good place to go to and then would board the train to that location and sleep on the way. Probably the 3 best weeks of my life…