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Friend w/Low T Told He Can’t Have Kids

@highpull i have a friend who is 45, no major illness to speak of. Basically a pretty normal guy. He doesn’t workout, not much exercise. Just works and lives his life.

He tells me that his TT came in at 77 and his Endocrinologist told him not to worry about EVER having kids. I asked if he did sperm test and he said no. Only had the testosterone test and that was the message from the Endo.

He now takes Testosterone Cypoinate, he says he now has a sex drive and his erections are around 70% of what he wants them to be. He hasn’t taken his next testosterone test yet.

My question is….if he continues taking testosterone and let’s assume his T levels do improve over time. Is that enough to allow him to have kids? Can an endocrinologist say “you won’t have kids” based on a very low T count without testing his sperm? And should my friend ask to add anything to his testosterone therapy to improve the odds of having kids, which I believe he wants.

he should take the sperm test and see if he can get a girl pregnant first.

Yeah so far I told him at least go get a sperm test. As far as the other, he was with the same girl for years and told me it never happened. Which led her to start asking him if he could have kids. He struggled with very low drive, fatigue, laziness no real passion for anything. 8pm would come and if he’s out with friends, he’ll always say he should get going and that he’s tired whether he worked or not. Sad to see.

it never happened because they do sex 1 / month … ?

he really need to go get the test nobody can know this…

Taking testosterone is going to further hurt his chances of having kids. That’s without some sort of ancillaries to help.

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Doctor told me the same thing when my test came back low. Just hop on t cyp for life and get over it.

Went and did two sperm tests with two different doctors and both came back and said I was full of plenty of high quality sperm.

A lot of endo’s are idiots when it comes to TRT, doctors in general struggle with sex hormones as a whole and is poorly understand in western medicine. A man can be on TRT and have the pituitary gland (LH and FSH) almost completely suppressed and still father children.

If your friend is about to go on TRT and there is a chance he is fertile, it would be responsible to at least find out and maybe freeze sperm because your friend may never go back to baseline fertility wise.

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Sounds like a good idea. And yeah I’ve had my own interesting meetings with a couple of so called specialists. I know exactly what you mean about them and trt. Thanks for the info.

It does not work that way. TRT may make him want to do the act that creates kids, but it will decrease fertility.

Not for certain. Off the top on my head, I can think of three younger guys with initial total testosterone levels in the 100s, one with prolactinoma. They went on TRT and subsequently hCG. All conceived.