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Friend Thinks He's Better Than Me


I can't stand this fucker. He's a good friend but he all of a sudden thinks he's better than me cause he's getting more girls. The dude is 22 and up to this year, I had never seen him with any chick and I doubt he had ever fucked. But to not hurt his feelings, I never called him on it. So He started to get some luck with the ladies(good for him) and I decide to encourage him on by calling him a pimp(nothing can be further than the truth) and other such ego lifting names. Now he thinks he's the shit and bashing me in the process.

Telling me
shit like, "when are you gonna get a girl?(I'm single) and Why don't you get a girl already?? Stupid shit like that. I never fucked with him jabbing him with these questions before his recent success, but he wants to do that with me. I've also had way more action than his guy and he knows it so I dunnno. Anybody ever experience a similar situation???


Maybe you guys should like...hook up?


Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


How old are you? Please don't tell me you're over 13 years old!


People that annoy you:


Fill in the blank.

The answer was Naggers.


is being honest with him out of the question? Sounds like hes just kidding around, could be you just need to loosen up.




The dude is whipped as well and we hardly ever chill anymore. When we do, He pulls this shit on me. It pisses me of cause he's my best friend and I feel betrayed that he turned out to be a pussy.


I was not thinking naggers. I'm a bad person.


haha ive seen that before on tv, family guy i tihnk

anywyas just fuck his girl, thatll shut him up


He's insecure.

Don't let it bother you, I know it's easier said than done but it's the truth. If you really want him to shut up and not hurt his feelings at the same time, pull a hottie.


My best Friend and my bother have both been like that lately.. My brother is a disaster as far as girls go..he has a girlfriend and a couple girls who like him but..they're all crazy or literally medicated lol and he tries to rag on me because im single and trys to give me advice..Id never even think about dating anyone he has.

My Friend does it but not as much..were all 18 and im the only one with my License so they all come begging me to drive them to the mall and shit and then rag on me when were there and tell me how I need to find a girlfriend. I literally Drive two hours round trip bringing them to the mall and all they say is.. we give you gas money!

all I get besides that is being alone at the mall while they go run around and do stupid shit and I cant be around them because it makes me sick the way they absolutely fail at flirting. (id never date my friends girl either.. so im not jealous im just annoyed and very under appreciated lol)




Maybe it's time to rethink his position as a "good friend". I know a lot of people seemed to get hooked on the concept of friends to the end, and complete loyalty, but the reality is that people change and priorities shift. It's not a bad thing, it's just life. I've had friends that I grew apart from because we just didn't have much in common anymore, some of them have phased back into my life over time, and some haven't, it's no big deal. I just don't have the energy to maintain a friendship out of some sort of obligation to the past.


Best advice right here. Gauranteed to work.


Yeah i had an absolutely great friend of mine who people always said was a complete dick but I never saw it. Then he had his feelings hurt and in the process became a dick to even me, his best friend at the time. Simple fact is, and it may or may not be applicable to you, he now tries to put everyone down cause he's the one who feels like shit. So I ignore the stupid fuck now, until he becomes the person he used to be he isn't the guy I was friends with.
Tell him or don't, but he needs to shape up or ship out.


It sounds like you're young yet. One thing life with teach you is that you can start to do without any "friends" who aren't worth it. The older I've gotten I've realized I needed to let quite a few friends go. Just the way life is so maybe that's what you need to do here.


I completely agree. People will phase into and out of your life. There was a guy I used to hang out with a few years ago. He was by far my closest friend at the time and actually was the first person I came out to. Because of that, I felt some sort of obligation to remain his friend even when he did some things to betray my trust. Fast forward a year or so, straw. camel's back.

Haven't talked to him since and I'm the better for it.

If you are interested in trying to save your friendship, you should be talking to him about this. It's all about communication.


you 2 sound like a bunch of girls


Maybe he'll come down to earth once he gets dumped. Then he'll realize how important friends are.

Its just amazing how powerful the vagina is and the way it changes men. I'm guilty of it myself but never to he's extent.