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Friend Suggested First Cycle: Decatest, T3, Dbol, Letrozole, Tren Ace, Test Prop

85kg, 5’7".
Body fat 23%
muscle 43%

Been inactive from gym for 2 years, I have good knowledge about muscle training and it’s been a month since my return to the gym and it’s going well. Train 3/4 times per week.

150g+ protein
120g carbs
70g fat

A friend suggested test. This is his suggested cycle.

Decatest 500, inject with blue needle 100ml every 3 days for 8 week.

Introduce tablet 3rd week in and consume daily
DIANABOL Consume 5 in a day (every 3 hours)
Clenbuterol x 1 (2 weeks on 2 weeks of)
Letrozole anti estrogen consume 1 every 2 days

Week 8 End test and introduce
tren ace 100mg and test prop every other day (2 days) until a 2 weekS before my cycle is to end finish WITH PCT.

Let me know what you think

I presume this is your attempt at trolling, or your friend hates you. It has to be one or the other.

“Inject with blue needle 100ml every 3 days for 8 week.”

Lol. Can I come to your funeral? (I know it’s a typo, but it is still funny).


Your friend is an idiot. If he tells you that the sky is blue you’d better look upward just to check for yourself. There is nothing about this idea that makes the slightest bit of sense and he is actively trying to hurt you. Get smarter friends*.

*Unless of course your friend is also your dealer, in which case he isn’t actually your friend. He’s just your dealer. And if he’s your dealer then his suggestions make way more sense.

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damn i meant 1ml . not 100ml … Definitely would be under the ground if it was 100ml

what would you suggest? 1ml btw not 100ml of injections.
Yeah he did this particular cycle and got great results. Should i avoid it ? Seem like to much going tbh. You need to tell me so i can sort this out

As a newbie (to the gym) you will make reasonably good gains even if you ate in a slight deficit to cut your BF as it is quite high at the moment.

Get another year minimum under your belt on a good lifting programme with a good diet and you’ll be surprised how far you can go natty.

If after that you’re determined to jump on a cycle then look at a Test only cycle (there is a million threads on this subject) so spend this time training and eating right and researching the effects AAS has on your body.

There we go, I am officially a better friend than the “friend” that recommended this disaster of a cycle.

See ya next year, friend.

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Assuming you’re goi g to start a cycle (and I don’t agree that you should, but for the sake of argument let’s say you will) then it needs to be simple.

Test e of c 500mg/w split into two shots for 12 weeks. No dbol, no T3, no clen, no tren, no changing of the esters, and no letro (especially at that dosing frequency). Just test, with AI on hand in case you need it. That’s the gold standard first cycle and it works for everyone of their diet and training are good. You don’t need complicated cycles to make good gains, especially on your first.


Agree with iron_yuppie

I’m happy with this answer , I’ve been on test for the last 4 weeks, my diet is spot , my energy levels are great. I can feel and impact and strength on me already, hence i will stick to test only. Please just kindly advise do i need to consume anything to control my estrogen levels.

He has already answered this.

“Just test, with AI on hand in case you need it.”

Just to clarify this so called friend is also a dealer, maybe he is after my wallet more than friendship. I might ask his wife for massage. cheers!


Yes a troll or he’s your enemy.

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With friends like that, who needs enemies.