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Friend of Mine


I didnt know where to post this but anyways:

Is it possible to get really big off of 2 really big meals a day?

I mean this kid is ridiculous

Morning: Dozen Eggs 8 slices of bacon 5 slices of canadian bacon and 2 large glasses of Whole Milk

Dinner: 2 12 oz steaks 3 plates full of white rice and 1 plateful of broccoli with cheese.

how the hell do you eat that much at one serving lol.

Hes pretty beefy 190lbs benching 400 6% bodyfat and thats all he fuckin eats a day..


One of the dumbest posts this year.


I would say its not the optimal way of putting on mass, but as long as he is taking in more calories than using, it should work.

And how the hell does anyone sit down and eat THREE PLATES of rice? Thats ridiculous. And impressive.


That what i said, he eats so much at one time, and somedays hell just go to fuckin McDonalds and order 5 double cheesburgers and 4 large fries lol..


DAmn and were only a day and a half into the sob...


Well I just started posting on this site again after a long absence so I don't know if this is still valid or not but....Tube Steak Boogie.



sounds like he's got it pretty well figured out .

you'd have to be an idiot to try to tell a guy like that how he should be training/eating , unless you yourself is benching 405 at 189 pounds/6% BF.

edit.....never mind . I mis-read .

my bad


Wait, if 6 meals a day speeds up your metabolism, 2 meals should slow it down right? HE MIGHT BE ON TO SOMETHING =O


I actually know, but I don't think it's all that relevant anymore. Feel free to say it though.


lol yupp


If all of this is true, then it could be genetics. Good for him.

If I ate like that, my stomach would be PISSED.


I go through a lb of rice a day. After a while you get used to it.


Oh Lord, the farting.



Unless what he did to get there is different than what he is doing now.

Then it would be less apparent.