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Friend Needs Help w/Routine


His current routine is chest + tricep, back + bicep and leg + shoulder. 3 days a week.

Mon: Chest + tricep
Wed: Back + bicep
Sat: leg + shoulder

around 3 or 4 exercises each muscle part.

he thinking of taking lower upper split. 4 days a week.

which routine should he use for either gaining muscle or cutting fat? His current routine, lower/upper split or full body?

His bench press is 45kg. No squat and deadlift in his current routine. He got routine from his friend. I think this current routine is designed by bodybuilder. I am not sure.





Why don't you head over to the beginner's forum. You'll probably find what you are looking for there.


Quick question, but is this "friend" really you, since all you ever post are "how's this routine"-type threads? Just wondering. Regardless, my two cents...

Some more details would be nice, like exercises, sets, reps, and your friend's height, weight, and general fat level.

Well, what's his goal, to gain muscle or to cut fat? Did his bodybuilder friend give him any nutrition advice too?

At this level of non-development (no offense. Everyone was a beginner), I'd definitely go upper/lower or full body. There are tons of good programs in the archives. Almost any one of them will be fine if he's consistent.

The sooner he fixes this, the better.

How long has he been doing his current routine? Is he not "happy" with the results?


You haven't learned enough in the 12 previous How's my Routine threads to fix it yourself? Sometimes more time figuring it out for yourself rather than asking for help is the best option for fixing problems.


most likely he won't lift and eat properly consistently so you are wasting your time

that being said, when I was new to weightlifting, WS4SB III was awesome. 5/3/1 is always good


Sounds like he's not a very advanced trainee, so I would probably go with a three day full body routine, especially if muscle building is the goal. If fatloss is the goal I would probably still recommend a three day full body but maybe add in some things like sprints and/or complexes on off days.