Friend Need's A Program

My friend needs a program. I don’t design them and he doesn’t have an account yet. So I’m posting this for him. I told him to pick any one on this site or from a book and go with it or to just workout with me. He said I want to design my own and showed me this. Here is his post:

I would like a program to get strong all over. Would this be enough for a beginner such as myself? I’m 33 192 lbs.

Squat 4x10
Bench 4x6
Rows 5x10
Dips 5x15
Leg Press 3x20
Abs 3x20

Deadlift 3x5
Press 10x5
Chin Ups 10x5
RDL 4x12
Curls 3x25
Abs 3x20

Squat 5x5
Bench Press 3x10
DB Row 5x15
Split Squat 4x8
Laterals/Front Raise/Rear Delt Raises 3x15 each
Abs 3x20

I would run 2 days a week. My progression would be once I can get to X weight at whatever rep range I have written I would then add 5-10lbs to the lift and start again. Just looking for something for 6 months or so that I can stick to and run with.

On sundays i would drop the leg press.drop the 5×15 reps of dips and just do 3×10 with good strict form, then progress with adding weight.

On Tuesday I would ditch the ten sets of ohp and chins, that seems a bit to excessive imo. For ohp could just do 3×6 or 5×5 or 4×4 etc. Chins same as dips and if he wants to, even could try set a rep goal ( gets to 20 bodyweight dips in a set add weight etc same with chins)

Thursday ditch the 5×15 and do a few warmup sets and aim for 1×20 reps with as heavy as possible with decentish form. Once can easily get the reps add weight. Also would recommend doing the lateral raises as a triset to save time and a better burn.

For abb exercises pick one each lifting day and hammer the shit out of it ( the 3×20 looks fine).

Hanging leg raises
Ab wheel
Decline situps
Dragon flags if he has a strong enough core to do these with proper form.
Back extensions ( not really an ab exercise but good for the lower back if done properly and strength gains)

If he stalls on any exercises after a few months such as rows, squats,bench, ohp consider changing rep ranges so like instead of 5×5, 3×3 etc.

To be honest looks like pretty good programming for someone first designing a program. Minus the things i mentioned. Alot better then what i would have done a year ago.

Also make sure to stress to him the importance of diet.

I’m sure others will be able to cover /add to what I’ve replied with , with better information so il tag @MarkKO

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@duketheslaya covered most of it. Personally I’ve found four exercises is the sweet spot per session. Given what’s been set out I’d probably make only a few small changes.

It’ll take less time and the rep range will give a clearer indication of when to add weight. At the start, it’s hard to know what ‘easy’ means in the sense that you can add load. But if you’re getting all your sets at the high end of the rep range, you know it’s time to add weight no matter how it feels and just start with the low end of the rep range at the new weigjt.

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