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Friend May Have Gotten Screwed Out of a Job UPDATE


Update: She spoke with the place, and the license is only for people that are traveling out into the suburbs or further away. They also try to place people working with students in their own neighborhoods, which is nice. So crisis averted. She's still going to get her license asap though so we can avoid this in the future.

Sorry I had to vent somewhere.

My friend has a master's in education, and has been trying to get a fulltime teaching position but they're hard to come by right now. She has worked the last few years as a paraprofessional working one on one with children who have autism and/or Down's. Unfortunately the pay is horrendous, in the 17,000/yr range. It really ground her down and depressed the living hell out of her, but she loves working with mentally handicapped kids, so she kept doing it.

She finally lands a job working with an educational consulting firm that contracts out to cities to work with children who have autism. So she gets to do what she loves, and she'll be making 35,000/yr. Not great, but double what she was making. I was with her when the woman called to offer her the job, and afterward she was in tears; she said it was one of the happiest days of her life. We live in a major metropolitan area, and she does not have a car, nor does she have her license. She specifically asked the woman on the phone if either of those issues were a problem, and the woman said a car/license was not required for this position.

So my friend gives notice at her other job that she won't be back in September. She gets an offer letter via email from the company, and it makes no mention her needing a license. This is 3 weeks ago. Her training was today, I don't hear from her all day, until this evening when she calls me sobbing. They handed her, and all the other new hires, an offer letter which specifically states that employees need to have a license, and asks for her license number. She didn't confront them about it yet, as she wanted to ask me for my advice on the situation. I'm assuming that it's just a mixup, but if not, is there ANY recourse for her? I heard the woman on the phone with my friend say she would not need a license or a car, I was sitting right next to her. I also read the offer letter that was sent via email, there is NO mention of needing a license or car in it, anywhere.


  1. Friend gets job offer.
  2. On first day of training employer changes job requirements. Bait & Switch?


She should talk to them first to make sure, it could just be a mistake(the needing a license part). She should make sure before having a freak out.

If they did go back on what they said. :frowning:
Not sure what she could do.


Tell her to get her license now. Start the process.

It's very odd that a grown woman does not have a driver's license. Even if she lives in a metropolitan.


I don't think he means drivers license.


Maybe if she tells them she is taking a drivers course they'll let her stay on until then.


that's the one he's talking about in the op


Getting a license is not hard.


It's not, but it takes time. Where I live you are eligible to write the exam at 16 years of age but you have to wait a year after passing the written to take the driving test.


That's ridiculous.


Why the fuck would anyone have a DL as a job requirement? As long as you show up to work and do your job, who gives a fuck how you get there?


probably b/c there is some level of travel involved.

just go get a license. what am i missing here?


From the info you gave us, Im confident that this isnt a bait and switch. But why in the world would your friend not a have a DL at her age?


Live in Boston. Although she did get her permit a while ago and has been practicing with me, just in case the need ever came up. Looks like it did.

Also, pic of girl.


Does she need a vehicle or just the license?


Actually I know a few women who for whatever reason don't have one.

Daddy and then hubby drive them around and then they get self-conscious about taking the test "at their age".



Sure this isn't like "My friend got his dick stuck in the Thanksgiving turkey what should he do?" or "My friend pisses his pants when he tries to ask out a girl, what should he do?" type of thing?


Does she have some other form of ID, that may be what they are needing it for. Federal regulation of the I9 form reguires two forms of ID. SS card and drivers license is normal procedure.



My mom grew up in a city and never learned how to drive. We moved out to the burbs when I was a teen and after a couple years she decided she needed to learn how to drive. So, when I was 17 I taught my mom to drive. Twenty years later, she's still accident and ticket free.


x3, all jobs I've ever had asked for a driver's license for identification purposes. i know in NY that if you don't have a driver's license you can get a non-driver id card from the DMV. She may need to get one of these or something similar. But these probably don't take too long at all to get.


Actually if you have an official temporary employers will except it.