Friend Is Concerned I'm on Too Many Meds

A close friend of mine said this earlier while we were talking about metformin. I currently take:

  • A steroid inhaler for my asthma
  • T cyp and sildenafil as no doctor will remove my pituitary tumor
  • Nardil for some lifelong anxiety - just added this, along with metformin so I don’t gain 40lbs from Nardil and get diabetes

I’m 35. I’d love to be on less honestly, but not sure where I’d cut corners right now. Without something for the anxiety, I constantly fight it and it usually leads to me drinking when work stress gets to me.

What do you guys think?

Doesn’t seem like a lot to me. I know people with damn pull organizers slammed full


That’s how I feel. I’d prefer to not be on the anxiety meds and metformin, but they’re necessary evils for now. Especially with how run down I usually get in the winter.

I’m on test cyp twice a week, and my new TRT doc suggested I add a multi just for general goodness so I did. He recommended pregnalone (I think it’s that one) and vitamin D based on labs. I feel like that’s a lot of pills to eat but I know it’s nothing really so I get it. I used to be on anxiety meds but now just live life a nervous wreck :joy:


Sounds like the same as me nearly! I don’t think many people get what’s involved in brain surgery either.

I’m glad I’m not on benzos or anything like that either.

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I think that right there is a red flag buddy. Drinking for anxiety just adds to the anxiety the next day and makes it so much worse. Im not saying you dont need anxiety meds but relying on booze to self medicate is detrimental.


Oh I agree entirely, hence why I haven’t been drinking these days. Really brought nothing to my life.

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