Friend Did a 3hr Tricep Workout

What the Bloody Fucking Hell.

I’m trying to explain to him to squat and he’s never squatted before because of his “bad back”

mothafucker we’re 19…and he’s never played a sport in high school, I know for a fact he has no injury other than maybe sleeping wrong once or twice.



I went up a little less 20lbs in a matter of months and he doesn’t believe me!


And he says he’s trying to put meat on himself…He eats maybe 2 pb&J sandwhiches a day.

Oh my fucking gosh.

3-4 hours and he worked his CHEST AND TRICEPS… THE HELL.

He’s training with another friend of mine… an animal and a genetic god… this guy can train for 4 hours and actually get results.

So my friend is going to train with him for a few weeks see what happens then he’s going to train with me.

I’m going to enforce the “shut the fuck up” rule.

-I once was smaller than you but now I’m bigger so “Shut the fuck up”
-I’m waaay stronger than you so “Shut the fuck up”

Then either get him doing something basic like.

Joel Marion’s “Training for maximal size”

or modifying a type of 20rep Squat routine

Or possibly ABBH I

Any help guys?? Sorry for the incoherent post but I really want to slap the fucking shit out of him.

3-4 hours on chest and tricep?? WTF personally If you can’t get your shit in the gym done in less than 90min its no longer working out it’s masturbation.

Ok I’m going to go vent, elswhere.


Dude, sometimes its best to let people figure it out on their own. There is a dudes at my place that do the same exact bullshit workouts every friggin day. Mostly they are cardio and mcahine freaks. The few that do free weights don’t squat, and don’t do legs and do there other lifts wrong and then there is one dude that has been doing 5 x 5 for more than a decade…bullshit

I’ve been in this game for a little while and I still get pissed when I see this sometimes. Just remember this is a fairly “selfish” sport. The only person who really matters is you.

One of three things will happen with your freind. He’ll either smarten up and train like somebody who has the ability to use common sense ie. if something fails/try something else. He’ll keep training like a tard and wonder why he isn’t making any progress. The third is, he’ll quit.

Imo if option 2-3 happen then he wasn’t cut out for it in the first place. Not everybody is.

yea and i’ll stop being so pms’y

Just let him go for it. It sucks to see cos you know they’re wasting time, but it’s a selfish hobby as in only you, can control your results. So ragging to someone else won’t do anything but stress you out.

I remember doing 30+ sets on arms alone. Going to failure on every set.

But I probably wouldn’t have listened to anyone saying that was too much.

Nowadays I do 8-10sets at the most per workout. It took me a long time to work it out though. But I had to do it the long way, it’s how you learn.

Hi Xen and welcome to T-Nation. Do some reading and you’ll find that 4 hour workouts are common for the pro bodybuilders, which is why they are so big.

Don’t try it right away, build up with 2 hour, then 3 hour workouts.

Good luck!

LOL thanks for the tip Dave! lol

I recently just bought a bandanna and american flag pants, I heard if i get a bright neon pink tank top that will increase my bench press by 125lbs!

BodyBuilding Rox0rz!!!


I agree that 3-4 hours is a long time for a chest and tricept workout, although, doing that type of workout 1-2 times a year wouldn’t be a bad idea (if you are stuck in a rut). I believe there was an article on here about training your arms throughout the whole day. Heck, I’m waiting for the day that I hit a plateau for my legs so I can have an “all night squat party” where I just do squats all night at the 24-hour gym (accompanied by LOTS of Glutamine and BCAAs).

actually CT’s bulgarian bodybuilding articles gives you a good way to train for about a 2 hrs, but it requires a 15min break lol.

dude, I have friends like this who just won’t listen to any type of constructive criticism. If they have a friend who happens to be “bigger than yourself” who trains a certain way (but was probably a hoss to start out with), that makes them eternally right, and you forever wrong. I hear your pain bro, I got a few friends who train for about 2 hours at a time, and guess what, neither of them would listen to me for the last three years. I ended up putting on about 25 more pounds since then, they put on about… 5 combined, if that.

I’m gonna rant here for a moment:
CW’s Quattro Dynamo routine worked a miracle for me last summer. I put on about 15 pounds in 4 weeks (most of the afformentioned 25, eating like a HORSE, a big fargin HORSE!). I was stalled out for the most part before that, as I had been for the previous school year (had only put on about 3 pounds, damn school getting in the way of eating and lifting). Anyways, CW’s QD worked for me, it seemed to just do something amazing. I showed a few friends the routine, and honest to god, they all put on substantial quantities of mass if they were eating, and if not, they still got a lot stronger.

After all these results, I still had two friends at school who would say things such as “I don’t feel that big burn” or “full body workouts don’t isolate me enough” and “you can’t do pulls and pushes on the same day” or “I need to feel that pump” and my FAVORITE “This just doesn’t destroy my arms.”

so the one of my friends tried the workout for a full week, and quit precisely because it didn’t DESTROY his arms. “I’m like What the FUCK, why destroy something, you’re trying to build, not destroy!” Anyways I finished out the month of QD again and got a lot stronger, just as I had before (only threw on about 4 pounds this time though, but was also attempting to lean out a little, so it was pretty good results).

The bottom line is this: you’ll always have people around you that are too ‘smart’ to try new things or listen to something that contradicts what they think. The only thing you can do is to show them up. There’s nothing more gratifying than being able to stand next to your buddy and have a babe you haven’t seen in a while come up to you and say “damn, you’re lookin good!”